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Devika realizes that she left her earpods at the café and rushes back to get them. Anuj and Anupama have tea at a tea stall. Pakhi contemplates Anupama’s words. Malti Devi arrives and offers cold coffee to Pakhi. She expresses her concern for Samar getting justice but warns about the consequences of seeking it at any cost. Pakhi vows not to forgive her mother if something happens to anyone. Anupama and Anuj discuss their desire for Samar to get justice, and Anupama wants peace. Anuj assures her that Samar will receive justice and that he will always be by her side.

Suresh observes their romantic moment and makes derogatory comments, belittling Anupama. He tells her that the court hearing is just a formality and mocks her. Guards arrive, and Suresh continues his taunts. Anupama throws a slipper at him, and Suresh’s servant records the incident. Anupama warns Suresh not to misbehave in court, and they exchange words. Suresh leaves, and Anupama prays for everything to be fine.

Kavya comforts Vanraj, who is struggling with the loss of one son and the other son leaving the city. Vanraj contemplates ending his life if Samar doesn’t get justice. Kavya urges him to have courage and not think of taking such a drastic step.

Anuj, Anupama, and Devika are in a car, and Anupama imagines a scenario where Anuj is attacked by bikers. She becomes anxious and urges Anuj to go home. Anuj reassures her and asks her not to worry.

During the night, a goon with a sword attempts to kill Anuj, but Anupama fights him off with a rod. The police arrive and arrest the attacker. The inspector promises to make the attacker reveal the truth about Suresh’s involvement. Anupama, Anuj, and others decide to keep a watch on the CCTV all night.

Malti Devi pleads with Anupama not to take Anuj to give his statement, but Anuj insists on going. The family members are divided on the issue, and Malti Devi questions Anupama’s lack of concern. Devika and Pakhi argue about Anupama’s decisions, and Anupama and Anuj remain determined to seek justice for Samar.

In the preview, Anupama learns that Toshu and Kinjal are leaving the house and going abroad.