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Baa’s in the kitchen doing some work. Barkha inquires, “What are you doing here? You came here to rest.” I can’t sit still, Baa says. That indicates to Barkha that you are not ill. Baa claims that she is ill and getting older, and that Shah Rukh Khan once remarked in a movie that a person who doesn’t work is amazing. She requests that she cut tomatoes for her, saying, “You are a wonder too.” Barkha claims that her nails would get broken. When Malti Devi arrives, she informs them that they are commanding the owner to be the guest. If you fell then, she tells her that my son brought you here and urges her to get some rest. Baa says that even though Anuj brought us here and wanted us to feel like we owned the place, we won’t comply. She explains that she is cooking for Anuj rather than for herself because he like theplas with chutney. She claims that although we used to see her frequently, you are now the guest because you are new here. Have you prepared aloo ka halwa for Anuj, Malti Devi inquires? According to Baa, Anuj finds it pleasing. Malti Devi asserts that she is capable of surpassing her.

Barkha anticipates a thrilling match between Samdhan and Samdhan.

Tapish is instructing the children in dance. He requests that Dimpy perform a choreographed step. The dance is choreographed by Dimpy. The thugs are filming while standing out. He asks whether we want to learn the dance within. Tapish invites them inside, promises to show them some nice dance moves, and warns that from that point on the video won’t be clear. Dimpy retreats. When the thugs enter, they declare, “We want to make Madam’s MMS; we don’t want your video.” Tapish triumphs over them. He is asked to leave by Dimpy. She is pushed by Tapish and falls. Asking whether she’s okay, he rushes over to her. To damage their reputation, the thugs go out and record the video once more.

Anuj is shown Baa and Malti Devi’s dish of halwa, and they want him to decide which is best. Ankush claims to be imprisoned. Anupama promises that this will be fun. When Anuj finds himself in a bind, he says he will consume it. He claims that after tasting both halwa, they are identical and taste just like my mother used to prepare. He mixes them both and eats, saying they are the same. It’s good, Anupama says, but they won’t fight. Gobi, says Malti Devi, will be made for you. Bhareli Bhindi is liked by Baa, he claims. Anuj claims that Baa is aware of me. Mother will know, Baa teases, but she didn’t give a damn. Anuj gives Anupama a peek.

Tapish promises Dimpy that he would finish the task and then drop her off at her house. Dimpy inquires as to whether I am a young child who will vanish from sight. “I didn’t mean that,” he claims. Dimpy responds, “I don’t want your sympathy,” and begs him not to be concerned or caring. She claims that just because my spouse isn’t here doesn’t indicate that I’m in need of someone to dance on my head. She begs her to refrain from useless conversation. You don’t have to overact, Tapish adds, adding that if he calls one girl, four more will show up and that he’s not the kind of person who assists a girl for no reason at all. He tells her not to put too much stock in herself and leaves.

Babu ji is learning computer skills from Romil. Anupama and Anuj arrive there. After learning how to send emails, Babu ji says he is now attempting to conduct online searches. Anupama recalls that upon first learning it, she was delighted. Anuj claims that he was also joyful. He thanks Babu ji and remarks that you are a role model for young people. I’ll be tech knowledgeable in a few days, promises Babu ji. When Romil looks at his phone, he is taken aback to see a video of Tapish and Dimpy in a passionate stance. He displays it to Anuj and Anupama. Anuj claims that this is phony or altered. Yes, Anupama responds. Romil claims it is phony and that the photo may be altered with apps. If Baa or Dimpy see the video, Anupama says. Anuj says, “I’ll find out who posted this video on Cyber Cell.” Anupama predicts that Dimpy will collapse and that havoc will ensue if Baa witnesses it. After receiving the message, Baa checks her phone. She locates the video. When Babu ji arrives, he requests her to bring leg spray. He turns the phone off. Babu ji receives a spray application from Baa.

Anuj promises someone that they would track down the person who uploaded the video online and remove it. Romil claims, “I tried everything, but it’s not gone.” Dimpy worries Anupama. Dimpy starts crying as she views the footage on her phone. Tapish tells Dimpy not to worry, saying that mawalis are the ones doing this. Dimpy responds, “Why should I worry?” My career and life are about to end, but my self-respect is going viral on people’s phones, and I’m being talked about everywhere. She sobs.

Precap: Dimpy claims she is too weak to put up with people’s taunts. Anupama says that you must struggle. When they emerge later, the jerk asks Dimpy if she thought the video was good. Anupama grabs the belt and begins to beat the man. She claims that if you get terrified, they will instill fear in you. Dimpy gains bravery and overcomes them. Your videos will now go viral, according to Anupama.