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Looking at Anupama, the thief inquires if she requires a low-cost hotel. He claims that not much money is required. Anupama claims she does not have much money. He nods and prepares to go. Anupama inquires about the cost of the accommodation. The robber answers yes and asks her to walk for 5 minutes. Anupama begins to follow him. He’s leading her down a tiny road. Anupama inquires as to why you are not using the main path. He claims this is a shortcut and requests that she hand over her luggage. She states. He drives her to a remote location where his partners are already waiting for him. The thieves request money from Anupama. Anupama claims she has no money and slaps them with her bag, but they seize and flee with her handbag and travel bag. She screams for police and sobs as they flee with her passport and money. The ice begins to fall. Anupama tries to open the trolley that they were unable to take, but it does not open. The snow begins to fall. She takes a seat to the side. She regrets coming there and believes Kanha ji should have stopped her twice, but she came and should have understood.

Dimpy sits by Kavya and delivers prasad to the Pandit jis performing havan in Vanraj’s house. Vanraj declares, “Today, for this yagya, I am sacrificing all old relations,” and believes his ultimate goal in life is Samar’s son. Kavya believes she has wife rights, but her motherly love has been overlooked. Dimpy believes that a mother can accomplish anything for her child; her son is getting family, education, and so on here, which is why she is staying in this cage. Baa wishes for Vanraj to get affluent. Babu ji feels suffocated and believes they are now staying with a wealthy man. He wishes for Anupama to have a new sky in America.

Anupama is still seated in the same spot. A man approaches and tries to steal her gold chain. She screams and flees the scene. She returns and seeks assistance. She then falls asleep outside the shop. Anuj rides his bike there in the morning and buys a canned drink. He receives a call and goes to it. He claims to have been conducting business here for 5 years and will continue to do so on his terms. He comes across an elderly woman and assists her. He is blessed by her. A leaf lands on his head. He throws it, and it lands on Anupama, waking her up. Anupama awakens. She collides with an American woman, and her handbag falls to the ground. What are you doing, the lady inquires? Anupama takes the lady’s handbag and hands it to her. The lady enters the house. Anupama wants to enter a restaurant, but the lady guard prevents her. Anupama claims she came to look for work and to meet the owner. The lady guard motions for her to leave, saying, “Everyone say this.” Anupama claims her passport has been taken. The lady guard does not listen and orders her to go. Anupama requests some water from her. The lady guard asks whether she has any money and orders her to leave. Making someone drink water, according to Anupama, is a good deed. The lady guard requests that she leave. Anupama turns to leave and notices a police officer standing nearby. She recalls Devika’s advice to always have her passport and visa on her person.

Anupama is seen by the police. Anupama is approached by a female police officer who requests her identification. Anupama claims it was stolen. The police have summoned her. Anupama is taken aback.