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Anupama informs Anuj that she told him about the file she obtained from Gurumaa’s belongings, and that she obtained this photograph from that file. She claims she wanted to inform him yesterday but was unable to do so. She claims that God may have meant you to know this today, and that she had put a photo in her purse when traveling to the orphanage, and that when she was handing the cheque to Sushma, she gave the photo along with it by mistake, and the photo slipped down, and Sushma recognized him as you. She claims that when she asked for proof, she showed her your birth certificate, as well as the receipt of Malti Devi handing him over to the orphanage and the donation receipts that she had been sending all these years. Malti Devi sobs as she hears this. Anuj gives her a look. Baa claims that Anuj’s relatives emerge out of nowhere, but this time the relationship is revealed after the relative’s appearance. According to Babu ji, that is God’s leela. Vanraj describes the situation as incredible. Pakhi describes it as shocking. Adhik replies that if it’s shocking for us, imagine how shocking it will be for you. Romil responds, “I understand; I was surprised when Mummy made me meet Papa.” Malti Devi is your mother, according to Barkha, which is a startling twist. Choti Anu inquires as to what is going on. Gurumaa, according to Kavya, is your Papa’s mother. Choti Anu is overjoyed. Anupama informs Malti Devi that she didn’t know he was her son, but her heart did, which is why you called him beta.

She claims that after your parents died, you used to miss them and realize that God had sent your mother to you. She claims he kidnapped Yashoda and returned Devki, and that nothing is more wonderful than this moment. Malti Devi inquires as to whether he is my son. Yes, Anupama says. Malti Devi breaks down. Anupama says you embroidered the letter ‘A’ even though your head didn’t know, but your heart knew he was your son. Malti Devi puts her hand on his cheek and says, “My son Anuj.” My son Anuj, she repeats it again. Anupama, too, grins and becomes passionate. Anuj is taken aback. He pulls Malti Devi aside and tells her to go away from him. He claims that you are not my mother. Anupama inquires, “What are you saying?” Anuj claims, “I now understand why I was hurt seeing her here, and I was restless when I heard her voice and felt hatred for her.” Anupama claims to be your mother. Anuj claims that if she were my mother, she would not have abandoned me in the orphanage. He thinks she’s fantastic. Malti Devi is a goddess. Malti Devi claims you are her son.

Anuj claims that you are not my mother and that I am not your son. He claims that I cannot accept him even once. He claims to understand what mother means to him, but after seeing her, he believes it is a curse. Malti Devi is taken aback. Vanraj says, “I understand your feelings, but I don’t have the right to say anything,” and asks her to give her some time. Anuj tells me how much time I’ll give her. I gave her almost 40 years. He claims Anu told him she is my mother, but I want to remind Malti Devi ji that no woman becomes a mother after giving birth to a child; rather, a woman becomes a mother by providing motherly love to the child, like Anu did for my choti. He claims you are a stranger to me, that you never wrote me a letter, and that you don’t care if I am alive or dead. According to Baa, she may be helpless. Anuj responds, “I’m sure everyone will say that.” He expresses an interest in learning about her powerlessness. Malti Devi is taken aback. Vanraj requests that he listen to her once. Anuj claims that he does not want to have any relationship with her, not even a hatred relationship, because she does not deserve it. He informs Anupama that she never turned to look at him. He praises Anupama and says, “I am very grateful for inquiring and discovering all of this, and you may think that this is the most beautiful moment of my life, but I’m afraid to tell you that this is the most painful and hurtful moment for me.” He claims he saw you attentively and understands how a mother would be. She claims that she has seen you with children who were not born to you, and that you are like a mother to Kinjal, Dimpy, and Anu. He claims that even you are aware that your mother is not like her. He claims you have no response.

He questions Malti Devi about why she abandoned him in an orphanage after giving birth to him. He claims that if she had wanted to make a career, she would have done it while keeping him with her. He claims to have spent eight years in an orphanage, where he received food, clothing, and shelter but had no relatives or kin. He states that when I was afraid, there was no mother, no father to make me walk holding his finger, and no one to teach me values, though there were many to teach discipline. He claims that the orphanage is preferable to the road, but why don’t the parents realize that there are no parents in the orphanage, and that it is a dark cave where the children become afraid and can’t find their way out? He wonders why the parents don’t realize all of this before leaving their children there. Anupama cuddles him to calm him down. Choti Anu embraces him. He cradles her in his lap and assures her that only she understands him, not Anupama or the others. She claims that we used to sleep with tears in our eyes and wake up with tears because no one forced us to sleep. He claims that these papers prove that you gave birth to me, and that my mother is the one who brought me here for the orphanage, raised me, taught me excellent values, and made me this. He claims that you are not my mother.

Precap: Anupama asks Malti Devi who will tell Anuj that his hatred is bad. She claims that every woman has the right to have aspirations, but that punishing a tiny child for it is wrong. Anuj says, “I know I’ll never go against you, and you can keep her here, but if she stays here, I won’t.”