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Toshu and Kinjal return to their home. Baa invites them to come, then tells them to stop because she will lay the carpet and bring flowers to shower on them. She requests Dimpy and Kavya to bring an aarti plate and prepare breakfast arrangements. What occurred, Toshu and Kinjal wonder? If they stay at home, Baa says they will find out. She claims you both just want to go out and have a good time. Toshu inquires as to what has occurred. Dimpy claims Suresh Rathore’s goon came to threaten us. Toshu is taken aback and inquires as to their well-being. He requests that Vanraj and Anupama take up the case against Sonu Rathore. Anupama tells Pakhi that if she doesn’t feel secure here, she should either leave or have a notice placed in the media stating that she has nothing to do with Samar or us. Devika requests that she make Pakhi comprehend. Anupama inquires, “Did we ask you to do anything?” Don’t interrupt us and let us continue. If we died because of you, Pakhi says. Anupama suggests that we write down our “will” to fight or to be realistic and remain silent. She believes we were wrong to help you save from the goon who teases you, and that Anuj was also wrong to save you. She says we’ll think about it if anything happens to you now…Pakhi claims that you will not assist us. Anupama says not at all. She claims that her mother cannot be selfish or think about herself. She claims that a woman who just thinks about herself can give birth to a child but cannot be a mother.

Vanraj promises that he will obtain justice for Samar. Toshu claims you have a second son. He asks what you’re going to do if they shoot us. Babu ji requests that they remain silent. Toshu agrees with me, and claims that there are only disagreements and fights here, which is why Kinjal and I are leaving for the UK. Kavya examines the papers and inquires as to whether you visited the UK Embassy. Babu ji wonders how Kinjal can think about this. Toshu explains that, just as you are concerned about Samar, we are concerned about our daughter’s happiness, which is why we are going. Vanraj requests that he stop talking.

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