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Anupama is walking in the airport after landing in America. She says Namaste India and grins. She observes people coming and hugging their families, who has come. Mr. Goenka asks Anupama what she is thinking? She says my heart is like blank paper where I will create happy sad new story. He says I hope there is no grief in it and says I will depart, and asks if I shall drop you somewhere. Anupama says I shall go by myself. He says if you attempt then you may change your fate, you will get chance to realize your destiny here. He says you will realize your ambitions surely Joshi ben. Anupama is astonished. He adds if anyone else was on your place, then would have told the world that you are Joshi ben and has so many followers. He goes. Santa arrives there and holds Anupama’s hand and wishes her Merry Christmas. The kids dance with Santaa. Anupama imagines Choti there and gets emotional. Santa delivers a crucifix to Anupama. Anupama asks her to make a new start. She sits in the taxi.

The taxi driver questions her about the destination. Anupama tells the address, but he doesn’t understand. She takes out the diary and reads it. He understands and asks her to use GPRS. Anupama is old school girl in new world. She contacts Devika and informs her that this is her new number. Devika asks her to gaze out of the window and enjoy the site. Anupama enjoys the journey. After getting the taxi, the taxi driver demands for 35 bucks. Anupama thinks this is robbing, larceny. He urges her to surrender 35 bucks else he would contact the cops. Anupama pays him money and thinks she would not seat in the vehicle again. She reaches the eatery The Gujrat on plate. The cleaner lady explains that the restaurant is closed. Anupama asks how can it be closed? The lady claims it is closed by the law, there was some kiosk and drama happened there. Anupama gets shocked and phones Devika, but her number is inaccessible. She thinks where I will go and remain now. She questions the travelers by about this business owner, but nobody knows again. She calls Devika again. A robber looks at her. Anupama thinks who will aid me, nobody, where I shall go now. She finds a blind guy singing and gives him money and food. She tells that India and Indian aid people in need. The robber pursues her. Anupama sits on the bench. Soon it gets evening, the robber walks close her.

Precap: The robbers attack her in the night and run away with her purse and hand bag. Anupama shouts for rescue.