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According to the game rules, all of the males are dancing and creating dance moves. Anupama thanks God and expresses gratitude to Kanha ji for revealing the major secret and informing her that Gurumaa’s son is her Anuj. She claims that the truth was right in front of me, but I couldn’t see it. She recalls the warden telling her that Anuj, your husband Anuj, is the son of Malti Devi. Anupama asks if you are telling the truth, or if there is a misunderstanding. The warden claims that there is no room for misunderstanding because Malti Devi gave the baby into her hands, went on to become a famous dancer, and then did not come to see the infant. Mrs. and Mr. Kapadia adopted Anuj from the orphanage when he was eight years old, according to her. Malti Devi, she claims, never came to see him. She claims that I have been raising him for eight years and cannot make any mistakes in identifying him. She adds we always keep such matters private, but since you’ve asked and you’re Anuj’s wife, I’m telling you. Anupama inquires about the proofs. The warden hands her Anuj’s true birth certificate as well as donation receipts from Malti Devi. She claims Malti Devi used to send donations but never inquired about her son. Facebook has ended. Anupama informs God that when Anuj first met her, you wanted him to touch her feet, which is why he kept his hand under her foot to save her, followed by Romil’s prank and Gurumaa bringing Pakhi home.

Anuj becomes stressed when Malti Devi looks at him. She recounts the incidents and explains that I couldn’t go to America because of Choti, so that I might reunite Anuj and his mother. She promises to bring Anuj and his mother together. Vanraj notices Anuj is upset. Malti Devi creates an A initial on the cloth using floral embroidery.

Dimpy is asked if everything is okay by Barkha. Dimpy said that one moment everyone is OK and the next they are pulling each other’s hair and there is a circus. Barkha says the same thing happens here, but what can we do because we can’t move anywhere? Dimpy affirms. Anupama says you have taken on the burden of reuniting Anuj with his mother, and that he will see his mother today on his birthday. Vanraj inquires of Anuj as to what transpired. Anuj remains silent. Vanraj inquires once more. Anuj says I dislike Malti Devi because of her past behavior, and that Anu has forgiven her, and that I would forgive her as well, but it appears that I dislike her. Vanraj claims enmity. Anuj believes it is possible. Vanraj claims that you either love her or despise her. Anuj says it’s a strong word, and I don’t want to use it on an elderly woman, but I’m not sure why I couldn’t explain my emotions. Vanraj tells him not to think about it today, his birthday. Anuj answers yes and inquires about your well-being. Vanraj says I’m doing my best to be fine. Anuj claims Anu did not arrive until now. Vanraj claims that he, too, is thinking the same thing.

Anupama is in the car and expresses gratitude to Kanha ji. She expresses her eagerness to reveal the information to Anuj. Pakhi informs Romil that Mummy has texted her that she would be arriving and requests that the song be played. We will wait, according to Anuj. Pakhi claims that we will not dance to only one song. Okay, says Anuj. He considers why I am restless and adds, “Anu…come quickly.” Anupama says, “I’m coming with the biggest surprise of your life,” adding that today a son will get his mother and a mother will get her son. On the song Where Is the Party Tonight?, Anuj dances with the Shahs and his family. Kinjal, Toshu, Adhik, Pakhi, Baa, Babu ji, Vanraj, and others perform dancing. Anupama shows up. Anuj notices her approaching, clutching Malti Devi’s hands. Romil pauses the music when he notices Anupama. She depicts Malti Devi embroidering A on a piece of cotton. Anuj examines it.

She claims that when I arrived, everyone was dancing, so I walked inside to bring Gurumaa. Anuj inquires, “Why Anu, you know what I mean?” He says, “I didn’t expect this from you,” and adds, “You know how I feel about her presence here, and you’ve brought her here.” Anupama explains that her son’s birthday would be incomplete without her mother’s blessings. Anuj, Malti Devi, and others are taken aback. They exchange glances. Romil says sorry for exploding party poppers inadvertently. Anuj inquires of Anupama, “What are you saying, if she is my mother?” Anupama says, “I understand; when I found out, I was shocked, and I understand what you’re going through.” She claims that we learned about Kanha ji through his leela. Babu ji inquires, “How did you know?” Anupama says she was looking for Malti Devi’s son and mentions Warden’s statements. She displays Gurumaa’s son’s photo and says, “That’s my Anuj.” Anuj examines a childhood photograph. Malti Devi smiles and tears up.

Precap: Anupama informs Anuj that once your (foster) parents died, you felt lonely, therefore observe how God filled that void by separating you from Yashoda and sending Devki Maa into your life. Anuj, my son, says Malti. Anuj motions for her to leave him and states, “You are not my mother.”