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Devika pays a visit to Shah’s home to see Anupama. She sobs and embraces Anupama. Anupama sobs and claims to be alright. Devika apologizes for arriving late. Samar, according to Anupama….Babu ji and others observe. Malti Devi approaches Anuj and informs him of a fancy dress competition at Choti’s school. Anuj says I’ll bring the gown. Malti Devi reveals that she is having a ghungroo created for herself. She says one more thing and takes a seat next to him on the sofa. Barkha and Adhik are looking at her, and she says she’ll talk about business now. Malti Devi requests that Anuj refrain from making a declaration against Sonu. Anuj is taken aback. Malti claims you are his only son, and he will not put your life in danger. Anuj claims you couldn’t comprehend a mother’s anguish. According to Malti, Anupama’s son would not return with your statement. Anuj believes Anupama’s son will receive justice. Suresh Rathore will get whatever, according to Malti Devi, and I will not lose my son. If you say this again, Anuj says, I will reclaim the right to refer to myself as your son. It turns out that it was all in her head. Anuj inquires if everything is all right. Malti Devi requests that I take Choti to an art gallery or show. Anuj requests that she provide security. Barkha claims she did not say anything. Adhik promises to say something.

Devika claims to have spent two months in Japan. She tells Anupama not to lose courage and inquires about the matter. Anupama says it appears impossible because Toshu and Adhik declined to make statements, and Mr. Shah had battered Suresh and the video has gone viral, so no one will trust his story, so Anuj is the sole witness, and she is concerned about him.

She claims that if you do not speak up, others will not stand up for you when you are in need. She claims that if that man is released, additional parents may lose their son. Devika claims that additional people may have witnessed it. Anupama claims that they must go to everyone’s residence who was at the club and utilize Saam Daam Dand Bhed to force them to confess. Devika promises to complete the task. Suresh, according to Anupama, is dangerous, and she will exercise caution. Devika explains that Samar was also her son, that she is her family, and that they will not leave the person who is killing their son alone. She claims that if Toshu and Adhik were present, she would have reprimanded them. She claims that up until now, Maa was battling, but that now both Maa and Maasi will play in their band.

Anuj says that if Toshu and Adhik had backed down, it wouldn’t have mattered, and asks Inspector to make Sonu confess. He coughs as he prepares to call the advocate. Devika arrives and provides him some water. Anuj recognizes her and embraces her. He says he heard you were in Japan. She claims that Anu needed me, so I arrived. Anuj believes Anupama is fortunate to have a buddy like you. Devika thinks you’re both blessed to have me as a friend. She inquires as to your well-being. Anuj, unhappily, states that everything is OK. Devika claims that it does not appear to be the case. Anuj claims you’re acting like the police. Devika says that once we’ve chosen, we’ll ask like Police. Anupama claims that we decided to enlist the assistance of outsiders who were there at the moment. She claims that we will deal with them all at once.

Malti Devi arrives and hands Anuj the file. Devika is taken aback when she sees Malti Devi. Anupama introduces herself as Anuj’s mother. Devika claims that her face resembles Malti Devi’s. Anuj claims she is the well-known Malti Devi. He leaves. Devika tells Anupama that she has gotten rid of one saas and now has another. Malti Devi claims to be Anuj’s mother and Anupama’s saas. Barkha advises her to become Anupama’s mother; else, she will be unable to become Anuj’s mother.

Baa is looking after Pari and informs Babu ji that Toshu and Kinjal left Pari with them, revealing their true colors just as Samar left. Vanraj arrives and sees an assailant with a goon attacking them. He steps in front of them, and the bullet is fired at him. He is taken aback.

Romil claims that Suresh and Sonu brag on social media and post several videos, and that social media has led to the arrest of many offenders. Baa, Babu ji, and others emerge. Vanraj has a toy dart on his chest, which they notice. The attacker requests that they read the message and then warns them. Vanraj becomes concerned. Romil says he’ll look for Sonu’s buddies who were at the party, as well as the female who was harassed. Anupama claims she had no idea social media could be so beneficial. Devika admires Romil’s intellect. Pakhi arrives and inquires as to why they are involving Romil in this affair. Anupama claims that we will not endanger his life and will not tell anyone that we obtained information from him. Romil informs Pakhi that he has offered to assist them. Pakhi says you’re a child, but they’re adults and will understand. Devika becomes enraged and demands Pakhi to teach her to be a coward like her before asking her to go. Anupama requests that she leave her. Pakhi informs Anupama that Toshu is unemployed and that I am unable to become a mother because we both have problems in our lives. Anupama claims that your troubles are not as serious as my Samar’s, who was murdered. She claims you can fight for your problems, but Samar is incapable of doing so. Pakhi advises her to improve her relationship with Buddy and to respect those who are still alive. She claims to be realistic. Anupama says, “If any guy teases you or comes to your house like before, I will say that I am practical and don’t do anything because that is how you will think.” Pakhi claims that your stubbornness has made everyone’s lives tough.

Anuj notifies Anupama that her court date has passed. Devika claims we just have one day left. Anupama makes a prayer to God. Anuj assures her that he would always be there for her. He rests his head on her shoulder while she holds his hand. Suresh arrives and informs the mother that she is romancing after the loss of her son.