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Anupama stares out the window after opening it. After that, she shuts it and rests her hand on her ears. The words of Baa, Toshu, and Vanraj ring in her ears. Hearing what Choti, Malti Devi, and Anuj have to say torments her. She imagines her mother standing just behind her while she keeps her head on her mother’s picture frame. With an embrace, she asks, “Why did you leave me?” Her mother tells her that life is giving her a second chance and asks her to go live her life away from her family. Anupama claims she can’t go because she couldn’t go twice.

Her mother begs her to persevere, saying, “I may be dead, but you are not.” I’m okay, Anupama inquires. Rather than isolating herself in the house, her mother requests that she travel to America. She claims that seeing you travel to America was also a dream of hers. She asks her to leave, saying, “I want to see you breathing and winning.” There, she says, “your new life is waiting for you.” Anupama checks her ticket and passport. Gazing at her reflection in the dish, she feels as though she must begin her life anew. She says that even though I haven’t stopped for five years and I would be afraid, I must do it for Devika, Maa, and myself.

She packs her suitcases and keeps the family photo frame. She wakes up when she hears Choti yelling at Mummy. She then tries to go to sleep after becoming afraid of what is happening. She stares out the door the following morning, fearlessly opening it. The individuals leaving that place give her a look. She stops just before going outside. She believes that making the initial move is crucial to the outcome.

She asks to take Kanha ji’s name before leaving. She claims that this house has given her so much, has kept her hidden from the outside world for five years, and that she must now leave in order to go on. The door is locked by her. The boy arrives there. I was waiting for you, Anupama says, adding that she doesn’t want these stuff right now. Is this you, Joshi ben? he asks. Anupama grinned. She requests that he provide Jain bhai the keys and water for the Tulsi plant. He hands him a candy box. He says, “Bye, Joshi ben,” and inquires as to where you are heading. Anupama claims that she is adopting a new persona.

When Anupama contacts Devika, she informs her that this is her new phone number. She claims to be traveling to America. Happy, Devika asks, “Why didn’t you tell me? I would have come see you off.” Before sending me, Anupama asks if you will chastise me. Devika asks, “How are you feeling? I can’t beat you from inside the phone, so hear the scolding.” Anupama claims that she is afraid. Devika promises you hope as well.

She is always there for Anupama, and she is appreciated. Devika states that although the house’s lawn used to be your world, it will now be your universe. When she gets there, she tells her to message to receive a new number. Anupama declares, “I’m going.” Saying “Namaste America,” she hangs up the phone. As she enters the aircraft, she remembers leaving it for Choti the previous time. She remembers being accused by Choti and Anuj. She pours herself some water. A woman approaches and takes a seat next to Anupama.

She explains that she is heading to meet her granddaughter and that her son was planning to purchase a business class ticket, but that her bahu must have intervened. She asks about her and her kids and introduces herself as Jaswinder Kaur, also known as Jassi. Anupama does not speak. She asks an air hostess for assistance as she tries to lock the seat belt. After checking the belt, the air hostess says it’s broken, thus you’re being upgraded to business class. Jassi says you’re going, and I’ll speak with you later. No issue, she replies; we’ll get together in America. With best regards, Anupama heads to business class.

She takes a seat in business class. The aircraft is ready to take off. She is recognized by the man seated next to her, who addresses her as Jai shrikrishna Anupama ji. Jai shrikrishna Goenka ji, she exclaims. Is this your first time attending, he inquires. Anupama says she was unable to go the last time. You will soar even after you arrive, he promises. The aircraft takes off. Subsequently, Mr. Goenka discovers Joshi Ben’s recipe, informs Anupama, and compliments her culinary abilities. He knows Anupama is Joshi ben when he notices the rings and bracelet in her hand, but he keeps it to himself. They arrive in America. Anupama declares, “I’ve arrived in America,” as she peers outside.


Anupama greets the airport with “Namaste America.” When she arrives, the establishment is closed. A woman informs me that the eatery is legally closed. Anupama is taken aback upon seeing the notice.