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The Kapadia family is watching the news when Vanraj attacks Suresh. Suresh, according to Anupama, prompted Vanraj to obtain bail for his son. Suresh, according to Anuj, wanted to provoke Vanraj and get him out of the case. Ankush claims that club members are unwilling to provide evidence and that we must persuade them once more. Anuj dials the inspector’s number. Anupama vows to seek justice for her son at whatever cost. MD believes that not at the expense of her son Anuj’s life, Anupama is less concerned with Anuj and more concerned with the Shah family.

Leela watches Dimple stepping out of the house and inquires as to where she is going. Dimple says she’s going to start taking dance lessons. Leela convinces her otherwise and refuses to let her go. Neighbor remarks that her spouse died a few days ago and that she wishes to dance. Leela instructs her to first examine her bahu. Dimple says she can’t stay at home because there’s a competition coming up. Leela becomes adamant. Anupama enters and wonders why Dimple isn’t taking dancing classes. Leela claims she has no idea what happened. Anupama claims to have seen the news on television. Leela claims that people gossip about women, especially widows.

Anupama warns her to watch her tongue and declares that they would defy society’s rules and let Dimpy to live her life to the fullest, allowing her to wear jeans and makeup and live a joyful life, and so on. Dimpy appreciates it, Anupama. Leela promises to repent after Dimpy gets into difficulties and walks inside the house. Dimpy wonders why Leela is so obstinate. Anupama advises her to forget about Leela since she is afraid of change and to pursue her aspirations instead. Dimpy thanks her and walks away. Anupama assures Samar that his wife will live her life and that he will also receive justice.

Anupama then walks into her house and finds everything smashed. She senses Vanraj is angry and recalls him that Samar used to sing a song whenever Vanraj was angry, and she repeats that tune. Vanraj relaxes. Anupama claims that the situation can become weak, but not Samar’s parents; she, too, lost her son and is in anguish, but she does not want to break like him; their son does not want them to be unhappy. She advises him to contain his rage and grow strong in order to overcome Rathod, among other things, and recalls his hallmark discourse, which was full of hubris and superegoism. Leela, Hasmukh, and Kavya are all waiting for him to say his signature line again. Anupama requests that he repeat it for Samar’s sake. Vanraj Shah has returned, according to Vanraj. Anupama claps and asks him to do it again. Vanraj yells Samar Shah’s father Vanraj Shah has returned. They all applaud him.

Barkha realizes Adhik is disturbed and inquires whether he is okay. Adhik claims to be healthy, but Pakhi is concerned about the recent occurrences and the medical report. MD approaches them and requests Anuj’s company paperwork. Barkha thinks she wants to take over the Kapadia empire and should focus on spending time with her grandchild. Adhik refuses to give her the files. MD believes she should have asked Anuj directly because she has extensive business expertise and wants to assist her son. Barkha and Adhik are enraged. Anupama promises Leela and Hasmukh that Vanraj will be alright soon and that they will assist him in getting healthy. They hear a knock on the door. Anupama goes nervously approaches the door.

Precap: Devika approaches Anupama and inquires how she can assist her. Anupama asks her to utilize whatever methods she can to persuade people in the club that Sonu shot Samar on purpose and not in self-defense. Devika is determined to bring Samar to justice. Vanraj goes towards a gun that is attempting to shoot his parents.