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After five years

A boy calls Joshi Behen from outside the door while carrying a bag from the store. After opening the door and removing the veggie bag from his grasp, she hands him another bag along with some cash. She offers him candies. The child informs her that it’s Kanti Bhai’s birthday at the assisted living facility, so please bring extra candy. Giving a thumbs up, she shuts the door. The boy claims to have not seen her face in five years and identifies her as Annapurna’s avatar.

In a newly refurbished Shah home, Vanraj is strolling while wearing a suit and talking on the phone. He says, “I have a meeting at 3 pm, and I’m busy with my family tomorrow.” While singing a song with Samar’s youngster, Baa scolds Dimpy while glancing through binoculars at him as he makes tea. Tea is brought by Dimpy, but Baa treats her with the same disregard as when she first met Anupama.

When Babu ji arrives, he stops her swing and requests that she never do it again. As she begs her son Ansh to come to school, Dimpy brings her tea. Ansh declines to attend school. Kavya arrives and takes a seat. Dimpy claims your teacher called to inform her that you haven’t completed your homework in a week. The boy urges Baa to say, saying Dadu will make the decision and you won’t. Saying who gives a tiny lad so much homework, Baa asks Vanraj to leave and chastises the teacher.

Dimpy, being his mother, would go, adds Babu ji. Vanraj promises to continue as he has for the past three years, adding that he will go today. He meekly warns Dimpy that Ansh is under his control. Babu Ji believes that although people’s faces vary, fate remains the same and declares that Dimpy would suffer after Anupama. Vanraj informs that a puja is scheduled for tomorrow following the house renovations. Nothing will be left, he says. Shall we give Anupama a call, asks Babu Ji? Baa questions why we should call her since she hasn’t shown any interest in us for the past five years. Vanraj claims that we have no relationship with her, even though her photo album is covered in dust.

Anupama cleans the frame of her mother’s garland-adorned portrait. She then glances at the family photo of her kids. To prepare a dish, she records a video and keeps her phone. If they would like, she asks the audience to like and subscribe. Later, she is using a sewing machine to sew. Devika arrives there. Anupama becomes alarmed, wondering who has shown up. Saying that she has arrived, Devika urges her to unlock the door. Anupama lets herself in.

Devika enters and hugs her. She grabs the tab and remarks that you have a million followers, that your Joshi ben rasoi is well-known worldwide, and that prominent chefs have tried the real Kathiawadi recipe. She claims that you are Batman, hiding from everyone, and she queries your motivation for doing so.

Anupama claims she is without resources. Devika claims that your home is devoid of a mirror. She begs her to stop living like a joker. You either don’t call or don’t answer the phone, she says. She is asked to sip tea by Anupama. Devika queries you about why you locked yourself and you respond that you divorced Anuj; you did not pass away.

I couldn’t surrender my life, Anupama claims. Devika asks her to take the wings, saying, “You are not fine.” She hands her the tickets and work permit for America. She explains that she sent a restaurant her recipe, and they loved it so much that they appointed her as head chef. She claims to have completed all the requirements. I can’t go since I send food to the elderly home every day, Anupama asks. Devika begs her to avoid dying. How can I travel alone, wonders Anupama? Devika says you can fly when you can live alone here for five years.

Giving Baa jewellery boxes, Vanraj claims that people will witness his opulent lifestyle. Why did you spend so much, Baa wonders. He asks, “Can’t I spend some on gifts when he can spend lakhs of rupees on renovations?” Ansh queries the Play Store. Vanraj provides him. Kavya informs Dimpy that Ansh will be pampered in this way. Dimpy informs her that they adore him and reminds her of what transpired the last time. She requests that she phone her son from the dorm.

Kavya claims that she is acting in his best interests. She encourages her to reflect on her life after stating that she came back for her kid. Says Dimpy, I can’t make Papa angry. Did you forget Tapish, Kavya asks. When Devika runs into Babu ji, she informs him that she met Anu and that I helped her comprehend and let her make the final decision.

She claims that she has turned into a living corpse and that if this keeps up, she will eventually die. I want her to be freed from captivity, she says. She claims that she is no longer alive and that she must flow and soar once more. She will soar, says Babu ji. She had been phoning America for a while now. Anupama stares out the window after opening it.


 Anupama informs us that she is aware that she needs to avoid relationships. She boards the aircraft. A man displays the recipe for Joshi Ben on his tablet. Anupama assures herself she is in America.