Anupamaa 19th September 2023 Episode 1049

Episode 1049

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Anuj looks at a file and wonders if it’s the same file Anu was talking about. He opens it, but Choti Anu arrives and asks for help with her Math homework. Anuj puts the file in a drawer and goes to get her book. Meanwhile, Anupama shows Ghungroo to Malti Devi, who recognizes her as Anupama. Anupama expresses her happiness and reminisces their past interactions. She recalls Malti Devi helping her when she had glass pieces in her feet and mentions that Malti Devi attended Samar’s wedding. However, Malti Devi is torn between her past actions and the desire for revenge. She apologizes to Anupama, feeling guilty for keeping her children away. Anupama forgives her, and Anuj overhears their conversation, hoping Malti Devi will leave.

At the Shah residence, Kinjal is cleaning vegetables while Baa offers to help. Kinjal insists on doing it herself and playfully threatens to tell her mother if Baa interferes. The family jokes about the typical saas-bahu drama on TV. Dimpy mentions that Pari seems to be happy when she is around, which makes Kinjal curious about when Dimpy and Samar plan to have a baby. Baa jokes about their ability to handle another child. Kavya arrives and announces her plan for a sonography, with Vanraj accompanying her to the hospital. Kinjal suggests that Vanraj should take her in their car instead of a rickshaw.

Anuj tells Anupama that it’s good Malti Devi is beginning to remember and recognizes her. Anupama reminds Barkha that everyone deserves a second chance, including her and others. Pakhi suggests planning a birthday party for Buddy and asks Anuj what type of party he’d like. They give him three options: a traditional family party, a glamorous Bollywood-style party, and a rocking party. Eventually, they agree on a rocking party.

However, Barkha raises concerns about Malti Devi’s presence at the party and worries she might cause trouble. Anupama reflects on this and later checks the file. She finds a photo of a baby and wonders if it could be Malti Devi’s son. Anupama goes to Malti Devi, showing her the photo and asking her if the baby is her son. Malti Devi recalls her husband’s words and tearfully admits that the baby is indeed her son. She apologizes for her past actions, and Anupama reassures her.

Later, Anupama prepares a surprise gift for Anuj, but he can’t resist opening it early. Anupama playfully scolds him, and they share a sweet moment. Anuj tries to kiss her, but they get interrupted. Anupama then shows him something.

In the upcoming episode, Anupama prays to meet her long-lost son. Anuj expresses his reluctance to have Malti Devi at his birthday party, but she arrives holding a photo.

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