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Anupama informs Pakhi that if she is Devaki maa for her three children and Yashoda maa for her Bebli Choti Anu/CA, anyone may become Yashoda maa. Anuj believes that by doing so, happiness will come into her and Adhik’s lives, as well as the lives of other children, such as him, who was adopted by his adoptive parents. Ankush claims he raised Adhik as if he were his own son, and Sarah considers Adhik to be her brother rather than uncle, thus relationships can be formed however they see fit. Anupama believes Pakhi can bring her happiness right now. Pakhi says she wants her own child, not an adopted one; Anupama had three children when she adopted CA; own blood is always valued first; and Barkha had another child even while Adhik was around. She tells Anuj that he adopted CA since he was also an adopted child, but he and MD have a blood tie and so let her stay in his house despite her protestations; a heart-to-heart relationship can never trump a blood-to-blood one.

Pakhi says she is not good enough to love someone else’s child as if it were her own, that she wants to experience pregnancy, mood swings, weight increase, and so on, and she walks away to her room crying. Adhik walks alongside her. Barkha claims that it is pointless to think about something she cannot obtain. Anupama begs God to either make Pakhi Devaki maa or to prepare her to become Yashoda maa. After a while, Anupama, along with the Shah and Kapadia families, performs Navratri pooja. She notices the family’s sad expressions and says that many will think they are crazy to celebrate navrati after their son died recently, but navrati was Samar’s favorite holiday, and he used to joyously dance during navrati; Samar is watching them and expects them to move on in life.


Laksh enters with his mother. Anupama welcomes them in and assures Vanraj and the others that Samar has Samar’s eyes. Vanraj gives Laksh a friendly smile. Leela believes Vanraj is now silent and will burst at any moment. Anupama dances with Pakhi and Kinjal to the tune Nagare Sang Dhol Baaje… The entire family joins them. Samar, Dimpy imagines, is soothing her and inviting her to dance. Toshu imagines Samar dancing with him as well. Each member of the family imagines Samar dancing with them. Anuj answers the inspector’s call and steps aside. Inspector notifies him of some unpleasant news. Anuj wonders what it is. According to the inspector, someone made Vanraj and Shreya’s fight video online, which would harm their case. Shreyas and his lawyer will display this video and attempt to claim Vanraj is mentally ill. According to Anuj, this indicates Vanraj’s evidence is meaningless and just his evidence matters anymore. Shreya will use his footage to try to gain Sonu’s bail, according to the inspector.


Anuj looks around and notices Anu listening to him. He tells Anu that everything is fine. Anupama claims that while the law may not punish the boy, Devimaa will punish him during this Navratri. Anuj tries to console her, but she cuts him off. MD overhears their chat and believes Anuj is under more strain now and his life is in risk; Anuj is unimportant to Anupama since her priority is the Shah family and her children; she needs to safeguard her son in some way. Anupama believes she should beef up Anuj’s security. Vanraj requests that Anuj contact his friend’s lawyer. Anuj assures him that they will be OK. He believes Vanraj is unaware that he is no longer a suspect in this case. Leela brings milk for Kavya and inquires about her night’s sleep. Kavya claims she had to sleep with her hand tied to Vanraj’s hand, but she made it. Leela claims they must care for her in this condition, yet she is caring for Vanraj in this condition. Kavya says it’s fine because they’re relatives.


Anuj makes breakfast for himself the next morning. MD approaches him and asks if she can assist him. He claims he will be OK. She inquires about Anupama’s whereabouts. He claims he doesn’t want to bother Anupama because she is already bothered. MD believes Anuj’s life is unimportant to Anupama, but she must safeguard her son in some way. Toshu and Kinjal rush out of the Shah house for the visa embassy, asking Leela to look for Pari till they return. Leela refuses and tongue lashes them for failing to assist Vanraj in his time of need. They rush to escape, and pages from their file tumble to the ground. Kavya notices the visa documents and wonders why they’re heading to the consulate. After some time, the family watches news about Vanraj assaulting Shreyas and a reporter claiming Vanraj is mentally ill and his evidence is irrelevant in this case today, and Sonu may be granted bail. Vanraj panics and destroys everything around him.


Anuj and Anupama stumble into each other and stand nervously together. In the background, a love tune is playing. Anupama inquires if CA has already attended school. Anuj claims that MD dropped her off at school. Anupama believes that a strong link between grandmother and grandchild is beneficial. Anuj claims to have a business meeting. Anupama requests that he not go alone because his life is at danger. Anuj claims to understand and will manage.


Precap: Devika approaches Anupama and inquires how she can assist her. Anupama asks her to utilize whatever methods she can to persuade people in the club that Sonu shot Samar on purpose and not in self-defense. Devika is determined to bring Samar to justice. Vanraj goes towards a gun that is attempting to shoot his parents.