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Anuj expresses his dissatisfaction with your lack of focus on him and his Choti. Anupama says you’ve done a lot for her. Anuj says that’s why you felt you could take me for granted; he’s madly in love with me and has been waiting for 26 years, so whatever I do, where he’ll go…He claims you care more about Shahs than Kapadias. He responds, “I’m sorry, Anu, but I believe you are more concerned with your ex-husband and his children than with your current husband and family.” He claims that those relationships are more important to you. He claims you married Vanraj, your first love, and that you gave your 26 years to them and have a strong bond with them.

Anupama requests him to stop and declares that she can no longer hear. Anuj adds, “I have a lot of patience, but I’m done; I think you’re staying with me and Choti out of helplessness.” He says you’re here, but your mind and thoughts are in Shah’s house, and that it’s his fault; you didn’t want to be Choti’s mother, but I forced you to be. He claims, “I thought my everything was yours and yours was mine,” and that he had named everything in her name on the day of their marriage, but he had hurried up to marry his 26-year-old love. He claims that if I had given you more time, you might have left some baggage. He replies let me repeat it, and that if I hadn’t hurried up, this wouldn’t have happened to me. Anupama inquires whether you regret marrying me. Anuj claims you’ve never understood me, and that he’s saying he rushed up for the wedding.

Why should my Choti and I suffer, he asks? Anupama questions why you didn’t tell me and stop me if you have so much in you. She says it’s a lot of baggage; I told you I didn’t want to marry, but it was your grandeur that you married a mother of three and a grandmother of one. She expresses her desire to spend as much time as possible with her adoring spouse and children. She said she had never received so much affection before. She claims that you did not impose Choti’s responsibilities on me and that I had no idea you had suffered so much as a result of my actions. She apologizes. He says everything is OK.

Anupama thinks you’re unhappy in this relationship and that anything that is prolonged for too long will break. She says, “I don’t want to break it because I love you so much,” and that’s why she says, “The relationship that has so many complaints can’t withstand.” She says she broke up with Shahs today and didn’t realize she had to break her relationship with him as well. Anuj inquired as to when I said this. Anupama claims to have heard what you didn’t say. She claims that when relationships become a burden, they will be terminated. She says, “I’ve chosen my path, and I know you won’t stop me this time, and I don’t want to stop either.” She takes his hand in hers and informs him that our relationship has reached its expiry date, and that beyond that date, things go awry, which she does not desire.

She says, “I love you so much and will always love you,” not because you’ve given me so much, but because you’re the kind of person that anyone would love. She takes away his impaired vision. She shreds their family photograph with Choti, preserves Anuj and Choti’s photograph on Anuj’s phone, and tears her photograph. She claims she is not angry and that she is releasing you from the relationship and my baggage. She responds, “Don’t worry about me; I’ll carry my baggage.” She tells him to take care of himself and Choti and to try not to be bitter toward her. She says she’s not sure if we’ll meet again. She claims that if we meet, we will gaze at each other with no regrets.

She expresses gratitude to him for his unconditional affection and expresses gratitude for entering her life. He claims that while you would not be there in my life, you will be present in my pooja and prayers. She prays to Kanha ji and requests that she look after everyone. She folds her palms and prays, “Jai Shri Krishna.” Anuj says, “Jai Shri Krishna…..Anupama…”Anupama’s eyes well up with tears. Anuj tries to save her but stops himself as she is about to collapse. She approaches him, puts on her sandals, and walks away. She then exits the house, turning around. She turns away from Anuj. Anuj is enraged.


Vadodara five years later. Devika visits Anupama’s home. She asks how long you’ll be living as Jogan and hands her tickets and an American work permit. Anupama arrives at the airport.