Anupamaa 18th September 2023 Episode 1048

Episode 1048

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Anupama is confused by a receipt she found and wonders what it signifies. She notices the word “Ashram” and thinks it might be related to an orphanage. However, she dismisses the idea that Gurumaa, or any mother, would place her child in an orphanage. She contemplates the possibility that she might have given her son to an orphanage but realizes that he would now be over 40 years old and may no longer be in the orphanage. Determined to find her son, she decides to begin her search.

Meanwhile, at home, Kavya is delighted that Baa thanked her and shares her happiness with her unborn child. Kinjal is taking care of Baa, urging her to eat healthy food. Vanraj advises Baa to avoid oily and unhealthy foods, reminding her to take her blood pressure medicine. Baa agrees but expresses her reluctance to do so. Toshu threatens to complain to Anupama if Baa doesn’t comply, but Baa remains unfazed. Vanraj humorously warns her about Anupama’s lengthy lectures, and Baa decides to settle for the soup.

Back in the office, Reyansh argues with Viren about a news story he aired without proper verification. Viren, as the owner of the company, reprimands Reyansh and reassigns his responsibilities to someone else. Reyansh decides to leave the office.

Upon returning home, Anupama finds Anuj asleep and takes a file from his hands. She informs him about Baa’s condition and her belief that Baa’s son will take care of her. Anuj agrees but questions her about the file she found. Anupama reveals that it contains Malti Devi’s son’s certificate, confirming that Malti Devi did have a son. Anuj suggests that Malti Devi may have started calling him “beta” because of this discovery. Anupama becomes curious about Malti Devi’s son and decides to search for him.

In the next scene, Vanraj is concerned about Baa and Babuji’s health and checks on them while they sleep. Baa wakes up and teases Vanraj for checking if she was still alive. Vanraj expresses his love and attachment to his parents, stating that he can’t imagine life without them. Baa reassures him and reminds him that one day, they will have to leave. Vanraj disagrees and emphasizes his desire for them to remain healthy and happy with him. Baa shares a tender moment with Vanraj and playfully acknowledges his “I love you” message.

Anupama performs a tulsi puja and prays for Gurumaa to be reunited with her son. Samar interrupts with sad news of his friend Manoj’s death in a road accident. Anupama consoles him and advises him to take care of Manoj’s family. Later, Anupama comforts Malti Devi and tries to jog her memory by showing her old photos. Malti Devi begins to have fragmented memories but doesn’t remember everything yet.

In the pre-cap, Anupama shows Malti Devi her ghungroo, and Malti Devi starts to recall her name. Anupama shows her a photo of her son and asks where he is, to which Gurumaa responds emotionally. Anuj watches this interaction with interest.

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