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Having lost his composure, Vanraj grabs Suresh’s head. Suresh yells at the crowd, accusing Vanraj of beating him. He beams. Kavya explains why Anupama and Anuj have already brought Vanraj. Babu ji tells her not to worry and assures her that nothing bad will occur. Samar’s students arrive there right on cue. Who are they, Baa wonders? Dimpy cites Samar’s pupils. The pupils claim that they were unable to arrive earlier because of exams. They claim that Samar was not only their mentor but also their buddy, elder brother, and guide who taught them excellent morals and how to be happy. The student explains that they are withdrawing from the dance competition and that they will not be able to realize their other desire. Dimpy promises to realize his ambition, saying that she will train them for the competition and help them win for Samar. Leela is in awe.

Choti Anu is learning dance from Malti Devi. She asks Romil where he is going as she notices him leaving. For some labor, says Romil. Where, queries Malti Devi? She claims that if Anupama had been present, she would have asked as well, but since I am taking care of the house right now, she is asking. Romil tells her not to be concerned and promises not to do anything to harm Anuj uncle and Anu aunty. He urges her to become Anuj uncle’s mother rather than his mother, saying that you can never take Anu aunty’s position. According to Malti Devi, this is my son’s home. Romil informs that this is a camp for refugees because they are all present. I’ve seen how you exploited Anuj’s current state of emotion, he claims. Malti thinks you’re an extremely rude person. I refer to it as being straightforward, he claims. Malti Devi says I’m being deluded when I say that. She asserts that a mother is different from a visitor. She claims that even if you don’t want me to, I must become your mother in order to better you. She claims that you must announce your destination in order to leave. Barkha feels she doesn’t like her when she sees her, but she might eject Romil.

Vanraj, Anuj, and Anupama are in the vehicle. Vanraj argues that if I had killed Suresh, no one would have been present to free Sonu from prison and asks, “Why did you stop me?” He claims that Samar’s dad will execute him. He is asked to halt by Anupama, who promises that Samar will receive justice while upholding morality. Vanraj claims I’ll kill the man.

Kavya congratulates Dimpy and gives him a hug. Even I am with you, according to Babu ji. Kavya predicts Vanraj will be content. Dimpy promises to be useful. Baa inquires about Dimpy’s dancing because she is expecting. Kinjal claims that Dimpy also works from home. According to Baa, there is a distinction between inside work and outer work. This baby, according to Dimpy, is special to me and is Samar’s final keeping. She claims that because this is my first pregnancy, I won’t do anything to harm the unborn child. Accidents can occur at any time, according to Baa, and you won’t take care of yourself when dancing. Dimpy claims that this child is the only thing keeping me alive. She is urged to allow dimpy to do this by Kavya and Kinjal. If something happens to her, Toshu says. Babu ji requests that Baa accompany her and look after her. Baa speaks the words that others will use against her. Dimpy claims that Samar’s dream is what matters to me, not the teasing of others. We will think about us, Kavya says. According to Kinjal, we didn’t consider individuals earlier. Dimpy promises to make his fantasy come true.

Sonu was giving his statement with a lot of difficulty when the inspector called Anuj and said, “Sonu kept quiet as if someone asked him to shut his mouth.” He claims he will email him the recording out of fear that they will have it removed or have it transferred. Thank you, Anuj. Coming to Dimpy is Kavya. According to Dimpy, Samar had yet another dream in which she wanted to give Mummy’s dancing academy the seal that had been on it. She is inspired by Kavya, who warns that there are problems and that we must light the diya. She claims that even though there will likely be fights amongst us because they are bahus, one thing will always be true: we are and always will be one big family. Dimpy questions whether we truly are a family after Kinjal, Pakhi, and Toshu withdrew. Kavya claims that when you enrolled at Anupama’s dancing academy, you also had thoughts about yourself. She explains that we occasionally become selfish but should wait for the other person to come back. She claims that Baa worries about you and your child. About Vanraj, Dimpy enquires. He has not yet arrived, according to Kavya.

Just then, Vanraj is brought there by Anuj and Anupama. Kavya said she felt afraid. He is urged to manage himself by Kinjal. You are strong in this house, according to Dimpy. When asked what would happen to him and their unborn child if something happened to her, Kavya kept his hand on her stomach. Vanraj claims that Samar, not this baby, was my child. Don’t bring this infant in front of me, he commands. He claims that I will kill them because my son was killed.

Kavya sobs, and Anupama tells her not to lose her courage and that the difficult times would pass as well. Pakhi awaits Anupama’s arrival. Anupama cries and wonders how she would manage everything by herself. She claims she can’t handle it, but she must because she can and will handle it. She sips water while claiming that while life may test her in any way, her mother will always pass. She claims she won’t retreat. Vanraj is speaking to a picture of Samar, and Babu Ji overhears him saying, “Everyone is seeing my anger, but not my love for you.” He instructs me to relax while I wait for that man to be punished. When Babu ji enters, he requests to speak with him. What did Samar say, he queries? Samar, according to Vanraj, was grumbling about Toshu, Pakhi, and his fate. Everyone can cease receiving support, according to Babu Ji, but their father cannot. Babu ji assures him that he won’t withdraw their assistance and recalls an incident from his youth. Vanraj laughs thinking about it.

Anupama and Anuj go back home. Whose call had been made in the car, Anupama queries Anuj. He is questioned by her. I’m keeping you out of agony, according to Anuj. He promises to tell you when the moment is appropriate. He claims that you had to have faith in Samar’s safety while he was with me. You find it hard to believe in me right now, but I’m still Anu, and I’ll let you know when the moment is right. Pakhi rushes over and gives her a hug. Anupama queries what transpired. She claims your papa is OK and inquires whether you are concerned. Pakhi rejects. Adhik has done anything, according to Anuj. Pakhi rejects.

They will perform puja with Shraddha, according to Baa. She asks God to keep the home peaceful and harmonious. Adhik enters the room. Anupama queries what transpired. Pakhi is then asked. According to Pakhi, I was planned on having a baby with Adhik, and the doctor suggested several tests. The report states that I am unable to become a mother. Adhik closes his eyes in agony as everyone looks on in disbelief. To calm Pakhi down, Anupama hugs her. Pakhi sobs and breaks sad. She claims that I wish to have children. Adhik claims that despite asking the doctor for a procedure or treatment, it is not possible.

Kinjal requests that Toshu inform everyone. Toshu claims that he cannot tell after viewing everyone. But she has to leave, says Kinjal. As per Toshu, Baa needs you. Kinjal requests that he let everyone know that they are moving to the UK. When Vanraj hears, he tells Toshu not to leave. Baa claims you failed to inform us. Vanraj begs him not to go to the club and warns that he will be shot if he does. Instead, the celebration should take place here. He embraces him. According to Toshu, preparations are being made for the garba. Kavya follows Vanraj. Toshu claims that although you requested me to inform Papa, I am unable to do so at this time.

Comes to Anupama is Adhik. Adhik kisses their hands while wiping away their tears. She claims that while it is stated in the report that Pakhi cannot give birth, it does not state that she is unable to become a mother. According to her, a woman gives birth to a child with her heart, not her body. She claims that while not being able to have children will hurt, it won’t be as bad as having children of your own. She claims that after consulting with numerous medical professionals, we’ll decide whether to adopt the child if that turns out to be impossible. Yashoda is a mother, she says.

They will celebrate Samar’s favorite event, Anupama says in the precap. They dance in jubilation. Anupama is thanked by Samar. On his phone, Anuj notices Inspector Aftab’s call.