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Choti informs Anuj that Mummy accompanied Pari despite hearing her cry. Anupama claims that I pushed you back because if you had come in front, the car would have become unbalanced. Choti responds, “No, you saved them while I died.” Anupama claims that if you had come to the front, the car would have crashed into the valley. Choti tells her not to lie and that he knows what occurred there. According to Anupama, I am your Mummy. Choti claims that you are not my true Mummy and that Pari is your true grandchild. Choti is correct, according to Malti Devi. Anupama requests that she refrain from interfering. Choti claims that you don’t love me, but rather Pari, because she has brought so many things for Pari and only a book for me. She claims to have saved Pari’s life first. This, according to Malti Devi, is correct. Anupama wonders why you mixed poison in her head. According to Malti Devi, this is correct. Anupama claims that you have written this untruth on her heart as well.

She wonders why you’re doing this. Malti claims you didn’t consider your daughter, which is not my fault. Anupama wonders why I won’t think. Anuj feels enough is enough and declares, “I was silent there, and now I won’t be quiet.” He tells Choti to go to her room and change, and that Papa will arrive soon. Anupama claims Choti isn’t listening, but witnessing the circumstances, she says she had to get down to save Pari. Anuj responds, “I know you’d give your life for Choti.” He thinks you’re a good mother and always will be, but….but you’re just a human, and a person’s heart can occasionally overtake her/him. He claims that Pari arrived before my Choti and that this is common in this situation. He claims you don’t comprehend, but Choti did. He says you didn’t realize it, and happily you were all saved, but I’m thinking about it all the time, and that if you could save one, you would have saved Pari.

Anupama is taken aback. She says, “I thought you’d always understand me, and I never thought I’d have to clarify you.” She claims that whatever I did, only I know how I was feeling. She claims that death was in front of us, and that both back doors were locked. Kinjal was unconscious, and Choti and Pari were both crying, according to her. She claims that if I had put Choti in the front seat, the automobile would have crashed. She predicts that such a situation would arise in her mother’s life, and she vows to save both and ensure that nothing bad happens to either. She continues, “I understand Choti is a child who is questioning me, but how can you believe this is my husband Anuj?” She inquires as to whether I would have spared them or given a certificate of my motherly affection. She asks, “How is my fate?” She states that for the thing, people are valued, and I need to clarify that. She claims that a mother can never identify her children apart because all children are the same to her. She says you can question me, but she doesn’t want the certificate. He claims I never questioned your maternal love.

Anupama then inquires, “For what?” Anuj claims that our three-year relationship is always a ray of sunshine in the face of your 26-year history. He responds, “I always think you value Shahs more than we do.” He continues, “I know you’ve been there for 26 years, your inlaws have become like your parents,” and that you couldn’t reach our relation because your feet were cuffed. He claims that whether things become habitual to you or not, you are habitual to them. He claims you have a feeling their situation will not be solved unless you go there. He adds I used to implore you not to go, but I always backed you, and that I assumed Choti and I would become your priority. She claims that my wife has never drawn the line. Anupama inquires as to whether you draw the line. He asks whether you drew a line in front of them while knowing that your mother harbors animosity for me and that your bhabhi has also conspired against me. She questions why the regulations exist for my family but not for you.

Anuj says you’re correct, but you’re ignoring one thing. He says you brought Malti Devi here and pushes me to touch her feet, even though I don’t consider her to be my mother. He claims that your relationship with her is due to you. He claims that he always went to Shah’s house for her and heard their curses, taunts, and humiliation. He claims that when I marry you, your baggage will accompany you. He asks, “Can you swear you’ve never neglected my relatives for them?” You know you can’t do it, he says. He keeps track of the times she ignored them and went to Shahs. He says, “I don’t remember when you think about us,” and then adds, “We are your present, and you will think about us.” He claims that if I have a right to you, why should I adjust? He inquires as to where the line should be drawn. Anupama wonders whether you genuinely believe I ignore you and Choti, and she worries about Shahs’ future. If he believes she does not love them, he begs her to tell him everything. She says she will listen to everything today. She wonders if you believe I don’t pay attention to Choti and you. Yes, Anuj says. Everyone is taken aback.

Someone knocks on Anupama’s door 5 years later in Vadodara. Devika shows up. Anupama embraces her. Devika wonders how long youn will be the jogan. She claims this is America’s work permit and tickets, and that you will fly tomorrow. Anupama boards the plane bound for America.