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Paritosh begins the show by stating that the arrest of Sonu is a positive thing. He claims that Sonu should have been detained as a result of them. Paritosh is questioned by Kinjal about his culpability. Even Kinjal, according to Paritosh, feels guilty. Kinjal makes the decision to inform the Shahs of their choice. She chooses to disregard Vanraj’s condition.

Talking with Samar is Anupama. She talks about Sonu being taken into custody. Anupama mentions seeing the boy who provided Samar with his eyes. Samar is informed by Anupama that their first win was the arrest of Sonu. Samar learns about her Navratri celebration from her. Anupama can hear Anuj. Samar is informed by Anupama that she misses him.

Only Kinjal, according to Paritosh, is moving to the UK. It will be challenging for her to avoid Pari and Paritosh, according to Kinjal. It will be challenging to manage things without her, according to Paritosh. According to Kinjal, managing the demands of work, family, and court proceedings is becoming more challenging. She continues by saying that she wants to avoid her family because they are unhappy as well. Nothing is the same, according to Kinjal. When must they inform the family, Kinjal is questioned by Paritosh. During the Navratri celebration, Kinjal says this.

Samar is reassured by Anupama that she will take care of Dimple and his child. If he can’t come back as her grandchild, she asks Samar. Anupama promises to be her grandson’s closest friend. Anuj is listening in on her chat, she realizes. Anuj expresses regret to Anupama. Anupama makes the decision to sleep elsewhere. Anupama must remain behind, according to Anuj. Anuj must give Anupama time, she demands.

Anuj sobs, believing Samar was still alive. To avoid hating him, he begs Anupama. Seeing Anuj, Malti. She makes the decision to use this Navratri to help Anuj get over his trauma.

Wakes up is Kavya. In search of Vanraj. The Shahs are concerned for Vanraj. Vanraj walks through the roads and thinks of Samar. Anuj is questioned by Barkha and Ankush about why he is camped out. Anupama reportedly slept outside since he had stuff to do. Anuj’s health will be impacted, according to Malti. For Anuj, Anupama is concerned. Kavya calls the woman. She makes the choice to go to the Shah home. On the first day of Navratri, Malti asks Anupama if she will visit the Shah’s home without performing reverence. Anupama declares that she won’t leave a lamp unlit. Malti believes that Anupama solely frets about the Shahs.

Anupama asks God to give them courage in her prayer. Leela offers Vanraj a prayer.

Vanraj arrived at Suresh’s workplace. He becomes irascible. Vanraj is resisted by Anupama. Anupama is pushed away by Vanraj. Concerned for Vanraj, Anupama. Anuj looks after Vanraj. Vanraj also shoos Anuj away. He chooses to murder Suresh.

Suresh observes Vanraj from a distance. Vanraj’s location are revealed to Kavya and the Shahs. Vanraj becomes irate. For Samar’s sake, Anupama begs Vanraj to maintain his composure. Vanraj is again provoked by Suresh. Suresh is asked by Anupama not to instigate a drama. Suresh keeps inciting controversy. Holding Suresh’s collar is Vanraj. Vanraj is asked to cease fighting by Anupama and Anuj. In order to frame Vanraj, Suresh films his video.

Anupama and the Shahs celebrate Navratri together. Samar expresses gratitude to Anupama for making everyone happy.