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Vanraj informs Anupama that if she doesn’t grasp one of his sayings, my granddaughter and daughter-in-law would have died today because of you. Vanraj, says Babu ji….Vanraj yells at him not to say anything today or he will see his dead face. He tells Anupama that’s why he wants to keep her away from his family, and that she doesn’t come alone, but brings problems with her, and that he considers her inauspicious/panauti. Toshu questions why you met Kinjal and Pari and took them on a picnic when Papa told you not to. Please, Kinjal says. Toshu argues nay, that you are selfish for wanting to spend quality time with your grandchild even if she dies. Baa wonders how you can be so thoughtless. Vanraj claims that you are responsible for everything that happened today and all that could have happened. He claims you used to meddle in our lives, but now you are in charge of them. Kinjal says to Papa…Mummy has literally saved our lives. She claims that it was an accident that might have occurred to anyone. Vanraj claims it was her fault. Kinjal claims that if Mummy had not been present, no one would have been saved. She claims it was my idea to go on a picnic, not Mummy’s, and that whatever happened was my fault, not hers, so stop blaming her. She sobs. Vanraj begs Anupama to hear one thing carefully, and explains that starting today, Anupama Kapadia has no relationship with the Shah house, their neighborhood, vegetable seller, or their adversaries. He claims that no one will talk to you, even on phones, during the events. He says you’ll be at your house, and we’ll be at ours.

He says our relationship is gone and that anyone wants to leave can do so right now. Dimpy has decided to go with Anupama. Vanraj asks her to leave, but she must give Samar’s child to him so that she may have no relationship with the child. Dimpy claims you lack common sense and that he can’t keep the baby away from her. Vanraj promises that he will make certain that the baby does not become hers. He threatens her and demands that she choose between Anupama and the child. Anupama lets go of Dimpy’s hand. Vanraj grins triumphantly as Dimpy walks away. Anupama recalls caring for Vanraj in the hospital, when Toshu was ill, and when Baa and Babu ji were ill. She claims that my heart has broken many times in this house, but this time it was shattered into pieces. She claims that whatever happens in this house is due to me. She claims that when the glass fell, it was Anupama’s fault because she didn’t pick it up after Vanraj drank water and kept it. She claims that when the light went out, it was Anupama’s fault because she didn’t keep the plug properly for ironing, that Servant didn’t arrive today and Anupama has to do all the job, but it is all her fault since she has given her too much freedom, and that Anupama couldn’t take care of the children because one of them fell down. She claims Sweety fought in school, but this is Anupama’s fault, as Sweety never took her to school because she was ashamed of her. She claims that when Baa feels additional discomfort in her legs, it is Anupama’s fault because she did not massage correctly even after 2 hours. She claims that everything that happens in this world is because of Anupama. She claims that she was always humiliated, degraded, and discriminated against at this house.

She claims that I was sometimes forced to leave the house and other times barred from returning. She says it’s enough, my Kanha ji knows what I’ve done in this house, thinking it’s my house, my babu ji and baba, and my children. She claims I felt humiliated at the time. She claims that even my spouse has done a lot for them. She says I used to do so much, but now enough is enough, and she says I’m backing off, and she says you’ve all turned their backs on me, and then you used to call me, but today I’m turning my back on you all. She says there will be relations and affection, but Anupama will not come to complete the relations and adds she will not come even if they phone her. She states she is terminating her relationship with Shah House and will leave declaring, “I am going.”

Anuj snatches Choti and begins to go. Babu ji summons Anupama and performs her tilak. Anupama places her hand on Babu ji’s foot. Kinjal sobs. Anupama exits Shah’s office. Kinjal sobs and embraces Toshu. Anupama gets into the car with Anuj and Choti and drives away.

Anupama, Anuj, and Choti have returned home. Malti Devi expresses gratitude to God for her good health. Romil hugs Anupama and asks whether she is okay. Anupama claims to be fine. Ankush and others inquire as to your well-being. Thank you, Barkha; you are saved. Choti recalls being in the car. Malti Devi questions Anupama about why she went when Vanraj told her not to. According to Anupama, the accident occurred as it was predestined. Adhik and Romil agree that we will be grateful to God. Choti is summoned by Anupama. Choti walks over to hug Anuj while ignoring Anupama. Anupama inquires as to what happened and why you are refusing to come to me. Choti replies, “Don’t touch me, you don’t love me, I come last in your life,” and that you saved Bhabhi first, Pari second, and then herself. No, Anupama, it’s not like that; you come first for me. She claims you prefer Pari to me. She tells Anuj that Anupama was the last one to save her. Anuj is moved to tears and stunned.

Precap: Anupama explains to Choti why she will do this: “I am your Mummy.” Choti claims that you are not my true Mummy; Pari is your really grandchild, and you saved her. She claims you abandoned me in the car to die. Malti devi agrees with Choti that you are concerned about your mayka. Anupama inquires as to why you wish to poison her heart. According to Malti Devi, this is correct. Anuj has said enough. Anupama inquires whether you believe I overlook you and Choti. Yes, Anuj says.