Anupamaa 16th September 2023 Episode 1046

Episode 1046

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Pakhi sits with Malti Devi, who is asleep. Malti Devi, in her sleep, asks where her son is and why he hasn’t come to see her. Anuj tells Anupama about Malti Devi calling him “beta” in the clinic and how she had threatened to take revenge a few days ago. He expresses his worry, saying that when people lose their memory, they forget old relationships and don’t form new ones. Anupama tries to reassure him and suggests that maybe Malti Devi mistook him for Nakul since she used to call him “beta.” Anuj admits that he’s worried about everyone and doesn’t understand why. He asks Anupama to find Malti Devi’s family and send her away from their place. Anupama promises to try and locate Malti Devi’s relatives first.

Baa questions Babu ji about why he works so hard. Babu ji explains that he tells stories to the children in the colony, and their parents give him some money, which helps support their family. Baa asks how much he earns, and he humbly says it’s better than nothing, adding that he doesn’t want to be a burden and wishes to help their children. He suggests that Baa join him and playfully scare the children with her stern expressions. They share a laugh, and Baa asks where the children are. Baa informs him that they’ve gone to work, and Kavya is resting in her room. Baa encourages him to call Anupama and ask about Malti Devi.

Anupama arrives and is questioned about her intentions by Pakhi. Pakhi hands her the phone and asks if she’s leaving. Anupama mentions it’s for Gurumaa’s work and asks if Pakhi has something to say. Pakhi inquires if this is related to Romil and Adhik. Anupama opens up about her concerns and advises Pakhi as a friend. She emphasizes that change takes time and effort, and Pakhi shouldn’t depend on someone else for her happiness. Anupama urges her to consider seeking help from a marriage counselor if needed. She leaves, leaving Pakhi with her thoughts.

Anupama visits Malti Devi’s dance academy and reminisces about the past. She thinks about Anuj’s words and prays for guidance in reuniting her loved ones. A lady approaches her and questions her presence. Anupama explains her purpose and asks if there’s anything left belonging to Malti Devi in the storeroom, such as papers or other items. The lady agrees to check. Anupama prays to Kanha Ji for assistance.

Anuj is with Choti Anu, and they both notice Malti Devi. Anuj feels sorry for her and reflects on her past actions. Malti Devi, in her sleep, mentions her son, and Anuj is concerned.

The lady returns with a suitcase she found in the storeroom and gives it to Anupama. Anupama thanks her and hopes that this suitcase might help trigger Malti Devi’s memories. She discovers ghungroos, toys, and other items inside.

Meanwhile, Babu ji enjoys a cup of tea and advises Baa to take some rest to avoid knee pain. When Baa doesn’t respond, Babu ji becomes worried and heads to the kitchen. He finds smoke in the kitchen and calls out for anyone present. He reaches out to Kavya, who rushes in and opens the windows to let the smoke escape. To their shock, Baa is unconscious, and Kavya struggles to lift her. Kavya assures them that nothing serious has happened and attributes Baa’s fainting to the smoke. She tries to call Vanraj and Samar, but their phones are unreachable. Anupama notices the hospital file.

Vanraj explains that Baa’s blood pressure had spiked, leading to her fainting. Babu ji expresses concern, saying Baa prioritizes the family’s well-being over her own. He appreciates Kavya for taking care of Baa and mentions that she switched off the gas and called the doctor. Vanraj credits Kavya for her quick actions. Baa regains consciousness and thanks Kavya. The family assures Baa of their care and attention.

Anupama discovers Malti Devi’s son’s birth certificate in poor condition. She receives a message from Anuj about her arrival time. Anupama wonders about Malti Devi’s son and where he might be. She finds an orphanage receipt.

In the next episode, Anupama informs Anuj that she went to Gurukul and found Gurumaa’s birth certificate, suggesting that her son is of a certain age now. Anupama shows Malti Devi her son’s photo and asks about his whereabouts, leading to an emotional response from Malti Devi.


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