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Choti Anu is informed by Malti Devi that she would teach her a dance tomorrow. If she plans to become a dancer like Mummy, Choti Anu queries. Malti Devi agrees and requests that she address her as Dadi. Choti requests her assurance that she won’t abandon Papa and won’t harm him. Malti Devi makes a commitment to stay by his side, promising to comb her hair, share angel tales with her, and tell her stories. Choti reports that Mummy is spending little to no time with Papa and us since Samar bhaiyya left. Malti Devi promises to look after them. Pakhi and Adhik arrive there just on cue. Barkha queries where they went. Pakhi says she doesn’t want to disclose this to strangers. Okay, says Barkha.

If Baa’s son is okay, does she want the doctor to check him out? According to the doctor, he is traumatized and unable to cope with losing his son. He asks them to bring him to a therapist so he won’t become mentally unstable. Anupama claims that whereas a woman shows her sorrow by sobbing, a guy is instructed not to do the same. While looking at him, she sobs. She claims that he used to call my Samar a loser and that he often hugged Toshu and Sweety. She claims that he is hurt and guilty about remembering it. Anuj advises that we take Vanraj to a reputable therapist. Sure, Kavya responds. Baa claims that we are suffering inexplicably. She is told to manage herself by Anupama. Anuj informs Babu ji that he is departing.

He promises to let them know if the inspector divulges anything. He glances to Anupama as he walks away. He is signed by Anupama. He responds by signing. When Babu Ji enters the room, he sobs. Baa inquires as to whether we should call another physician as Vanraj is not becoming conscious. Sleeping will not harm him, according to Babu ji. Baa claims that I am shutting the door while a grandfather and granddaughter sob silently. In order for Babu ji to find serenity, he prays to God for everything to be okay.

Anupama informs Anuj in the car that allowing Malti Devi to stay in the house was the correct thing to do. She hopes that rather than being incomplete, their relationship becomes whole. What about you, and when will I fully have you, he queries. The song “jiye toh jiye kaise” is playing.Anupama continues to hold his hand in hers. She is asked by Anuj if she will never forgive him. He claims that my shame and your silence prevent me from living. When Baa didn’t give me water, he claims that I should have taken it too. He asks her and says, “I hope everything will be fine.” I’m trying, but I need more time, says Anupama. He claims that I never tried to stop you and begs her not to leave him or he will pass away. Call is made to Anupama. She notices the young man who possesses Samar’s gaze. The youngster expresses gratitude to Anupama for giving her son Samar’s eyes. Samar’s eyes cause Anupama to become moved, and with Samar’s mother’s consent, she forces the boy to eat laddoo. The boy claims to enjoy laddoo. The woman claims that she has done her a great favor. I will appreciate you, according to Anupama, for preserving my Samar in your kid. What was Bhaiyya’s name, the boy inquires? Samar, says Anupama. He must be good, the boy claims. He cuddles Anupama and pats her feet. You are welcome to visit at any time to meet my son, the woman continues. My Samar is alive, according to Anupama, like someone’s eyes and heartbeat.

When Kavya enters the room, she requests that Vanraj get up. Vanraj inquires as to Samar’s whereabouts because I have a ton of his work. Samar was shot, according to Kavya, and is not living. Samar is dead, Vanraj recalls and informs him. Malti Devi believes Anuj and Anupama are a couple and is delighted about it. She questions Anuj about the situation. Anuj claims that the evidence became weaker when the two witnesses withdrew, but Vanraj and I have provided our testimony. Anupama promises to make Choti eat and to make her do her homework. She claims to have also taught her to dance. She fell asleep as a result of exhaustion. Anupama said that Choti has always wished for her father to be at her side. Malti Devi speaks about the upcoming Navratri, which starts tomorrow. She claims that while it cannot be celebrated at that home, it can be done here. He was my son, according to Anupama, and the anguish is constant regardless of location. She claims that Samar meant us to be joyful, therefore we would rejoice by lighting the diya. Malti Devi approaches Anupama from behind and inquires about Anuj. When did I become upset over my decision to forgive Anuj, Anupama queries. She claims that although things are out of the ordinary on my end, it will happen shortly. She claims that doesn’t mean I don’t keep him accountable and still love him.

Kavya returns home and informs her family that the doctor has declared Vanraj guilty and shocked that he was powerless to save Samar. She explains that he suffers from post-traumatic stress. She claims that his emotions could change, he might experience panic attacks, and his mind simply couldn’t handle the situation. Babu ji inquires as to his mental health. They are assured they will be alright by Kinjal and Toshu. Vanraj has done so much for us, according to Babu ji, that it is now our turn. Everyone pledges their support for Vanraj and their commitment to keeping him content. They intend to welcome Anupama and celebrate Navratri for Samar.

Anuj yells, “Anu!” When Anu leaves the house, she watches the news reports regarding Sonu’s detention and Suresh’s claim that his kid is being held captive. Anupama is pleased that justice will be served.

Vanraj promises to ruin Suresh Rathode’s life, precap. Vanraj strikes Suresh as he asks him to return the case. Suresh smiles as the incident is recorded on his phone.