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Vanraj calls Kinjal, but she doesn’t answer. Anupama advises Kinjal to answer the call. Kinjal explains that she messaged Toshu that she’s safe and on her way home. Despite this, she continues to receive calls from Vanraj. Pari starts crying, and Anupama suggests stopping the car to attend to her. Kinjal complies, but Choti accidentally pushes her while trying to move to the front, causing the car to hit a pole. Anupama takes Pari in her lap, Choti feels envious, and the situation becomes more critical as the car is on the edge of a cliff.

Back at home, Toshu informs Vanraj about Kinjal’s message, but Vanraj is anxious. Babu ji suggests messaging Anupama, but Vanraj decides to go there. Meanwhile, Anupama and the kids are stuck in the car, which is about to fall off the cliff. Anupama attempts to call for help, but the car starts moving. Choti panics, and Anupama reassures her. Anupama apologizes to Choti and tries to contact someone for assistance.

Vanraj and Anuj argue about Anupama taking the kids on a picnic without informing anyone. Vanraj accuses Anupama of doing it to taunt him, while Anuj defends her and decides to search for them. Baa prays for their safety. Anupama struggles to open the car doors but succeeds in rescuing Kinjal and Choti. However, the car falls off the cliff.

In the precap, Kinjal receives medical attention, and Vanraj blames Anupama for the accident, declaring that she should no longer be part of the locality. Toshu questions Anupama’s decision to go on a picnic against his father’s advice, and Baa expresses disappointment in her actions. Vanraj insists on cutting ties with Anupama.