Anupamaa 14th September 2023 Episode 1044

Episode 1044

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Pakhi calls for help, and Gurumaa helps her. Anuj contacts the police to search for Pakhi. Anupama is anxiously waiting for Pakhi at the door. Anuj inquires about what she’s looking at outside, but Anupama thinks Sweety is arriving. Barkha clarifies that Sweety isn’t outside. After a while, Malti Devi/Gurumaa brings Pakhi back, and everyone is overjoyed. Anupama rushes to hug Pakhi, and they all gather around her. Gurumaa explains that she found Pakhi unconscious at the dhobi ghat. She then collapses, and Anuj takes charge of the situation.

Samar and Toshu apologize for not being able to find Pakhi. Vanraj receives a call from Anuj and learns that Pakhi has been found. They all leave in excitement. Anupama cares for Pakhi and expresses relief that she’s back, attributing her return to the family’s happiness. Pakhi, still affected by medication, calls Anupama “Mummy,” but Anupama reassures her and advises her to rest.

Adhik requests Anupama to allow him to stay with Pakhi for a while. Anupama leaves the room, and Adhik sits beside Pakhi, expressing his fear and apologizing for his previous actions. He promises to become a better husband and not hurt her again.

Anupama visits Anuj and gives him medicine for Gurumaa. She apologizes for not believing her earlier. Anuj appreciates her and expresses regret for not trusting her. He informs her that he has called the Shah family.

Adhik and Pakhi discuss their ordeal. Pakhi describes her kidnapper as seemingly decent, explaining that they provided her with a comfortable room, her favorite food every few hours, and medicine when she shouted. She also mentions that she saw the door open and managed to escape despite feeling drowsy from the medication. Adhik reveals that Malti Devi brought her back home, and Romil was likely behind the kidnapping.

The family gathers around Pakhi, relieved to have her back. They express anger towards Romil and discuss the severity of his actions. Romil apologizes and explains that he didn’t intend for things to go so wrong. Vanraj insists on taking Romil to the police station, but Ankush tries to defend him. Vanraj, however, remains firm in his decision to report the crime. Ankush eventually apologizes and promises that Romil will change. Romil apologizes to Vanraj and Anupama, expressing remorse for his actions.

Malti Devi arrives but can’t identify Pakhi. Anupama introduces herself, and Malti Devi seems puzzled.

In the next episode, Pakhi suggests they continue with the festival. She ties rakhi to her brothers, Babu ji, Anuj, and Romil. Anuj informs Anupama that they may need to move Malti Devi to a hospital or center based on the doctor’s recommendation, as he doesn’t want her to stay at their home. Anupama is left with a difficult decision to make.

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