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Anupama hasn’t had anything since the morning, so Anuj offers her some food and requests that she eat it. Anupama declines and keeps sobbing while clutching a picture of Samar. Anuj claims he tried his best to relieve her suffering but that he is unable to see her in this state. He even says he would be willing to sacrifice himself to bridge their gap. If she keeps her distance and silent, he wonders if their relationship would come to an end and not advance, and if he will die. He can cry, but Anupama can’t because she promised Samar she wouldn’t cry and would wipe the family’s tears.

She can’t lose hope because she has to maintain the family’s hope, and she needs to be courageous to keep the family courageous. He is in his rightful place, and she doesn’t want to bother him, but every time she hears his voice, it makes her think of her dead son who was wrapped in a white sheet.

She is held by Anuj. Anupama retracts it. In the background, a song called Tere Bina Zindagi se Koyi Shikwa To Nahi plays. Anupama departs from the area. Anuj sobs and adds, “She’s so stressed out that she can’t die, and he’s got so much broken inside of him that he can’t live.” Returning, Malti Devi/MD consoles him. He claims to have split a woman and her child apart while lying on her lap. She will convince Anupama, MD tells her, to stop crying because his mother has returned. As soon as Anuj awakens, he leaves the area. Kavya weeps when she arrives home. Vanraj and the rest of the family rush over to her and inquire about the situation.

If Vanraj doesn’t retract his complaint, the Shah family will lose a second son, according to Kavya, who claims Rathore’s men threatened her. These folks, according to Toshu and Leela, are really scumbags to attack a pregnant mother. Toshu, Dimpy, and Kavya, according to Kavya, must now take up the cause of Samar’s justice as Anupama battled for them. They will, Vanraj predicts. They should exercise caution, Toshu warns. As per Hasmukh, they will. Vanraj advises them to go to the police station the next day and provide an inspector with a thorough account of the facts.

Walking to Anupama is MD. She touches Anupama’s feet. MD claimed she didn’t want to go back but had to for the welfare of her son. Anupama is punishing Anuj for a mistake he didn’t make; otherwise, she wouldn’t be living in this house. Because Anupama can’t fight her fate, she is fighting with Anuj. Anuj cried lying on her lap for the first time and is alone. He has to open up in front of a woman he hates the most, even though the woman he loves the most is the one he loves the most. Anupama expresses gratitude to God for MD retrieving her kid. According to MD, Anuj didn’t order the thugs to shoot Samar. Anupama claims that wasn’t what she said. MD queries why she is so enraged with Anuj.

Anupama claims that when CA’s mother passed away and she had to leave MD’s work in the middle of it in order to return to CA, even MD was angry with her at the time; she would have been wrong if she hadn’t returned to CA, but MD considered her wrong; Anuj couldn’t control himself when CA went to her mother for a brief visit, but her son will never return; she herself is in deep grief and cannot comprehend another person’s suffering. The doctor queries whether her son made the same statement while Anupama was in pain. Anupama claims she did, but given that her son has passed away, she is not currently in a position to do so. She says she is glad to be back with her kid and hopes their connection will get better. MD requests permission to stay here. Since this is her son’s home and she has the right to stay, Anupama questions why she is asking her. She departs from the location. Anupama is thought to be very understanding by MD, so why is it so hard to explain to her right now?

Kinjal becomes angry as she is reminded of Rathore threatening her and Kavya. Toshu acknowledges her state, gives her a hug, and tells her not to be worried because he will not stop seeking justice for his brother despite the danger. When people are on the verge of death, Kinjal questions the point of justice when thugs are always ready to shoot them. Toshu claims that they are not intentionally shooting in that manner because doing so would make the police suspicious of them. He promises to keep Pari safe. As Kinjal claims, Samar passed away in front of him while he was with him.

Toshu explains that he finds it puzzling that she is terrified now while she wasn’t before Dimpy. Because these folks are using guns, Kinjal claims, but other individuals weren’t. Toshu tells her to unwind. Kinjal claims she tries but is unable to. Toshu queries why his brother should not receive justice. Kinjal claims that although she has lost her BIL, she cannot lose her husband or the father of her child. According to her, the judge should persuade the family to take back the case rather than risking lives. She also claims that after receiving a call from her mother, who she had previously rejected, she now believes they should.

As she thinks back to Anupama’s actions, Anuj keeps sobbing. Walks to Anuj, MD. Anuj claims that he cannot stand Anupama’s rage. He should realize that he did nothing wrong and shouldn’t feel guilty, according to MD. He should also allow Anupama space to forgive him after she finally had her son back after a long absence. Anuj claims he can’t stay away from Anupama and that he must help her at all costs in her pursuit of justice for Samar.

The following morning, Vanraj tells Toshu to leave right away since they need to go to the police station to make a statement. Toshu and Kinjal descend the stairs. To get it out, Vanraj hands him the car keys. Toshu promises to pull the car out but is unable to go with him. Vanraj believes he may make a remark and depart if he has essential business to do. Toshu reiterates that he can’t go with him or get involved in this situation. Vanraj is in disbelief. Toshu claims he misses and loves Samar but is unable to proceed with the case. Leela requests that Kinjal explain him. As per Kinjal, Toshu is correct. What is he saying, Hasmukh queries.

Toshu claims that he is repeating what Leela and Vanraj stated when Dimpy was alive. Although Toshu is his close friend, Dimpy claims she was a stranger. Toshu asserts that they must retain Hasmukh, Leela, and the others and that they should withdraw their lawsuit because the youngster is insane and his father adores him dearly. Vanraj queries whether he loves his son. Toshu expresses concern that they might perish while pursuing justice for Samar. If he wants people to quickly forget Samar—who was our dear one—then why is Kinjal afraid, wonders Dimpy. Despite Kinjal’s denial, she now worries about her family. As she is unable to attend any more funerals, Leela claims that even she supports Toshu and Kinjal.

Adhik will not provide a statement to the police as an eye witness, Pakhi informs Anupama. When Vanraj hears that, she and Toshu demonstrate how vulnerable people are when a loved one passes away, regardless of how close they are to the family. Pakhi claims to be considering the facts. Vanraj is the only one who will now fight for their Samar, according to Anupama, who requests her not to refer to her cowardice as being practical.