Anupamaa 13th September 2023 Episode 1043

Episode 1043

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In this episode, Anuj tells everyone that Anupama left without telling anyone. Adhik asks about Romil’s whereabouts, but Anuj doesn’t seem concerned. Barkha, however, mentions that Romil’s behavior was strange and asks Anuj to consider it. Anupama scolds Romil for his thoughtless prank and asks him to think about the consequences of his actions. She is worried about Pakhi’s safety and demands to know where her daughter is. Romil claims he doesn’t know, but Anupama continues to press him for answers. She explains the gravity of the situation and the fear Pakhi might be experiencing. Anuj tries to call Anupama, but her phone isn’t connecting. Adhik insists that Romil is involved in Pakhi’s kidnapping. Anupama receives a call from Romil’s friend, who reveals that he gave Pakhi sleeping pills mixed in water. Anupama and Romil are shocked by this revelation.

Anupama confronts Romil’s friend and threatens to get him arrested if he doesn’t tell her the truth about Pakhi’s whereabouts. The friend admits to drugging Pakhi and advises Anupama to check the house, suggesting that Pakhi might have returned home. Anupama and Romil head back home, and she tries to call but finds no network. Romil receives a call from Anuj, and Anupama answers, explaining what happened with Pakhi. She reveals that the friend locked Pakhi in a room and gave her sleeping pills. Anupama, Romil, and Adhik return home, and Adhik slaps Romil in anger. Romil explains that he didn’t intend for things to go this far and just wanted to teach a lesson. He pleads with them not to involve the police. Anuj decides to focus on finding Pakhi first and tells Romil they’ll deal with him later.

Samar and Toshu search for Pakhi, following a lead provided by a stranger. They don’t find her and head back to the car. Meanwhile, Pakhi, in a drowsy state, falls down and calls for her mother. Anupama senses Pakhi’s voice and calls out to Sweety. However, some goons approach Pakhi. Samar and Toshu return home, and Baa suggests she’ll go look for Pakhi. Babu ji worries that if Vanraj finds out, he’ll be devastated. Vanraj overhears their conversation, and Anupama prays for Pakhi’s safety, trusting in Kanha ji. Pakhi continues to call for help as the goons get closer. Samar and Toshu are searching for her. Finally, Pakhi falls to the ground, and the goons approach her, but then they stop when they see Gurumaa. Gurumaa remembers Anupama’s words and intervenes.

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