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Vanraj informs Suresh that although his son can be purchased with inexpensive plastic cards, his life is not cheap. He strikes it. Anupama predicts that they will be sold to someone else. According to Suresh, persons in your class are sold for two pesas. You are here, and so are we, Anupama replies, inviting him to try and purchase them. Vanraj explains that they don’t raise their hands to the visitors, thus he should be allowed to leave; otherwise, your guards won’t be able to save you and your son. Suresh explains that he has come to explain things to them and that he will now utilize other methods, much like how he used to buy land using every available saam daam dand bhed. He claims that he will likewise buy their self-esteem in such manner. The family is still here, he claims, although one son has moved out. Yes, we are here, adds Babu Ji, but only as their bulwark. Together, they support Anupama and Vanraj. Anupama exhorts them to utilize all available methods, but he is unable to confront the parents. Sonu is informed by her that they will still punish him. Suresh leaves with his guards after feeling humiliated.

Pakhi accepts and opens a package. She sobs as she sees the photo of herself with Toshu and Samar. Adhik queries what transpired. According to Pakhi, Samar knew that she liked surprises, so he had their photo framed after she told him that she wanted it. Romil comforts Pakhi by stating that although I cannot replace Samar, I am also your brother. He pledges to make every effort to prevent her from missing Samar.

Adhik and Romil are thanked by Pakhi, who adds, “I hope that guy gets punished.” He will be punished, claims Anuj. She doesn’t want to speak to him or see his face, according to Pakhi. Adhik questions your reasoning for accusing him. Pakhi claims that my son passed away. Adhik claims it was a mistake. Pakhi tells what occurred as a result of him and leaves. Romil follows in her wake. Pakhi’s apology is made to Anuj by Adhik. Anuj asks if everything was okay in the Shah residence and then claims that I am to blame. Adhik claims that when Sonu and her father arrived at the Shah home to make a purchase, he threatened them. Anupama won’t be terrified, according to Anuj, but the battle will last a while.

Vanraj and Anupama are instructed to leave Sonu by the inspector because there is no evidence against him. What do you mean, Vanraj queries? He claims that we were all eyewitnesses and queries whether our testimony is insufficient. They allegedly came to our home today to threaten us, according to Anupama. The inspector claims that Sonu’s father has retained the greatest defense attorney and states that they need hard evidence. Vanraj requests that he obtain CCTV footage. According to the inspector, the bullet was fired outside a parking lot and neither a camera nor any other operational cameras were present. There may also be additional eyewitnesses, according to Anupama. As he knows Anuj, the Inspector claims that they are carrying out their duties while also showing a personal interest. No one is willing to make a statement, he claims. He claims Sonu has destroyed or concealed the gun and informs them that something can be done if they find the gun. He accepts Vanraj and Anupama’s condolences. Inspector promises to put his best effort into the case. Anupama and Vanraj have stated that they will defy the system to obtain justice. Thank God reports are fine, Kavya thinks as she drives. V, however, would be angry because I went alone. With Pari, Toshu was occupied. Anupama is informed by Vanraj that the battle will be challenging. The way is altered by the vehicle drivers. When Kavya tries to call Vanraj, the phone falls to the ground due to the aggressive driving of the auto driver. He is asked to slow down and to halt the car by Kavya. She begs him to let her go, but to take some cash or jewelry. The taxi driver tells her that her husband cannot visit her other son and requests that she urge her husband to drop the charges against Sonu. Pushing her, he. Kavya yells “my baby” as she steps out of the car.

Anupama is awaited by Anuj. There comes Anupama. About the case, Anuj queries her. If she doesn’t bring him justice, Anupama threatens to put that man in jail and declares that she is not Samar’s mother. I’m with you, according to Anuj. Anupama claims that I will fight until the very end because this is a mother’s battle. Anupama wipes her tears as she looks at the picture of Samar. She promises not to cry. She claims that your mother is strong and that she would fight for your rights until she dies, refusing to cry. For her, Anuj delivers food.

Toshu informs Vanraj that he will not provide a statement. Adhik won’t be making a statement, Pakhi reports that Adhik and I have agreed. Vanraj applauds and remarks that you two have demonstrated that blood turns to water upon death.