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Kinjal claims that this cuisine is safe and full of nutrients. Baa inquires about the chemicals used to keep food from spoiling. She claims that in our village, we used to grind wheat every day to make fresh rotis, and that spices were also ground with Silbatta. She claims that my mother used to go to the well and I used to go to the handpump. She claims that they used to eat healthy, fresh cuisine produced on Chula. Kinjal claims that it is not conceivable. Baa claims that they used to care for four children alone, and that the day would end with changing clothes and cleaning the potty because diapers were not available. Mothers would also feed their children fresh food rather than stale food.

She claims that having a child is a huge burden, and that if you can’t manage it, why did you have the baby in the first place? She claims there are thousands of methods to feed the infant. She promises to feed the baby till she arrives. Kinjal says we’ll go see Mummy. Baa asks them not to disobey Vanraj’s rule and informs them that Anupama cannot come here. Kinjal is startled.

Anuj informs Choti that Anupama has brought gifts for Pari because she is the youngest child. He inquires as to what she desires. Anupama shows Choti an arts and crafts book and tells her it is for her. Choti beams and exclaims, “My Mummy is the best!” She then glances at the toys and becomes envious. Malti Devi beams. Kinjal tells Baa that they used to call Anupama anytime they needed her help. She says I will meet Mummy until I arrive, and that we didn’t want to celebrate Pari’s birthday tomorrow, but Dad urged us to, so we will, and that I will invite Mummy, and that if she doesn’t come, Pari will not cut the cake.

Choti informs Anuj and Anupama as to why there are so many gifts for Pari but only one for me. Anuj explains that Mummy has decided to offer all of the festival and birthday gifts together because Pari will be absent. He claims that because you are with us, we can get whatever we want for you. Choti becomes agitated and expresses her dissatisfaction with the present. Anuj says I’ll speak with her. Anupama claims that these minor details indicate that she is evolving. Dimpy notices Tapish dancing and thinks about Vanraj’s remarks.

Tapish gives her a look. Anupama requests that Choti decorate the cake and write pari on it. She informs Anuj that Kinjal and Toshu had to go to the hospital today, so I will meet them tomorrow and give Pari a gift. Anuj remarks, “I know you’re happy, but after what Vanraj said…” According to Anupama, I will not listen to him. Anupama claims she is my granddaughter and that if he says anything, she will not go. If Anuj says anything else, I won’t be able to bear it, he says. According to Anupama, you do not need to make. She says I’ll go and return soon. She claims Kinjal asked her to create a cake, which she did, and that her blood relationship with her children is strong.

Tapish informs Dimpy that if he stays here, she will have troubles in her life, thus he should leave. He inquires as to whether she will travel to Mumbai. She does not respond. He asks whether I can call you occasionally if I miss you. Dimpy responds, “Of course, I’ll call you.” Tapish requests a selfie. She gives a nod. He takes their selfie. The song Chana Mereya is playing….Dimpy tears and waves her hand goodbye. Samar…my friend has departed, she says. Tapish appears and sobs. He believes this is correct.

Vanraj informs Baa that he will host a party for Pari that everyone will remember. Toshu inquires of Vanraj whether he is still furious with him. Vanraj answers no, and that you both want to live your life your way while also improving Pari’s life. He begs them not to forget about their families. Baa requests that they return home three to four times a year. Anupama informs us that the cakes, halwa, and other items are ready.

The gifts and other items are kept in the car by Anuj and Romil. Everyone at the birthday celebration is delighted to wish Pari a happy birthday. Vanraj informs Baa and Babu Ji that he has contacted his boss and his son for the celebration and requests that she tell him how the guy is doing. Baa notices him staring at Dimpy. Later, he requests that Babu ji be happy. Babu ji claims that you never let me be happy. Anupama is driving the automobile and will arrive shortly. She says she’ll see her in a month. Choti becomes envious and looks at the cake.

Vanraj’s boss arrives with his son. Vanraj greets them and introduces them to his family and Dimpy. Kavya informs Kinjal that Anupama will not be present. Kinjal expresses a desire for Mummy to accompany her. Romil asks Choti whether she is excited and informs her that they are only 5 minutes away. Anupama comes to a halt in the car, recalling Vanraj’s words. Anuj calls and urges her to return. He replies that if she wants to go, she can go and do anything she wants, and that he is with her.


Anupama retains the cake. Vanraj is enraged. Malti Devi believes Anupama will be offended. Vanraj mocks Anupama for showing up unannounced. Kinjal claims that I called her. Vanraj requests that she ask Anupama to leave. Anupama walks away.