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While Anupama prepares dinner in the kitchen, Anuj turns to look at her. Plays a song. Toh Jiye Jiye Kaise.He approaches her and queries how Dimpy is doing. Even though Anupama claims she is not feeling well, she must recover and learn to walk without Samar. When she calls Choti, she tells her to get ready for school and promises to tie her hair. Anuj says he wants to let her know that Samar’s death was not his fault. I understand the anguish of losing a child, he claims, having experienced it myself when I lost Choti Anu. Even if he wants to, he claims he can’t share this grief with her and begs her not to say that he doesn’t understand it. He apologizes for not being able to help Samar. He begs her not to go away. Anupama informs Anuj that Choti Anu will receive tiffin. Where is she going, Anuj queries? Anupama addresses PS. I was there that day, according to Anuj, and I can help. Anupama promises that she will follow through on her promise to bring the killer of her son to justice. I’ll be there, Anuj replies, and I don’t want you to be by alone. Samar’s father is with me in this fight, according to Anupama.

She claims that because he has also lost his kid, she does not want to take his right away but rather fight for justice. She claims that she must go alongside a man she does not wish to stroll with. Anuj is angry.

As that man went on bail and I don’t want him to be at large, Vanraj informs Baa that he is heading to PS. According to Pakhi, he will be hung for the crime. He has no right to life, according to Kinjal. When Anupama arrives, she invites Vanraj to join her. Did you speak with Anuj, Babu ji wonders? Anupama keeps quiet. We will return, according to Vanraj. When they notice a guy coming out of the car, they leave the house. Suresh expresses his desire to meet Vanraj Shah and Anupama. We are the one, they claim. As Sonu’s father, Suresh introduces himself. Sonu exits the vehicle. Sonu’s father expresses his anger with his son and claims that as soon as he realized what was happening, he gave him a strong smack, causing him to fall to the ground. He claims that if his mother hadn’t shown up, I would have struck him harder. He requests Sonu to get them to stand up and accept his apology. Sonu is forced to stoop to touch their feet by him, but Anupama and Vanraj retreated.

My son, according to Suresh, made a mistake. According to Anupama, it is not an error. Vanraj asserts that it is unlawful. According to Anupama, it cannot be forgotten. Vanraj claims that sitting is a sin, and we shall punish him to deter him from committing further crimes. Suresh claims Sonu is his sole child, whom he obtained through prayer, yagya, and other rituals. He claims to be a good guy and expresses grief for the loss of their son. God, he claims, is the one who arranged everything, and we are unable to exact revenge on God. He claims that I will discipline my son, seize his car and credit card, turn off the air conditioning, and take his phone as well. He begs them not to worry and assures them that his father will discipline him. He also begs them to withdraw the complaint because court proceedings are stressful. You have a large family, he claims, so everyone will be troubled. He makes a call to his guard, who hands over Vard’s wallet. Suresh orders him to keep the credit cards for the rest of his life and inquires as to whom the password should be given. He claims to be a builder and will offer them the top floor of his building. Anupama inquires as to whether your son would be exchanged for our son. Vanraj inquires: Should we consider the sale closed? Suresh yells. Anupama and Vanraj also yell. You don’t need to steal stuff from Vanraj’s son, he claims. He asks Sonu to attend the party because the government would keep his phone and car locked.

Shame on such a parent, he cries, who supported her son and gave him a pistol so he could kill someone. Anupama informs Suresh that because he is so wealthy, fathers like him are willing to allow their offspring freedom to wrong others. She explains that there can be no deal because he cannot take away their suffering. He drops his wallet to the ground.

Anupama and Suresh are traveling to the PS, precap. You will change, according to Suresh. You’ll turn to God, according to Anupama and Vanraj. A supporter is Anuj. Anupama claims that I am fighting. After threatening to harm her child, the auto driver demands Kavya get out of the vehicle.