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While others wait, Anupama does the aarti of God. She is concerned as she recalls the events. She stares at Anuj and calms him down. She then does aarti for everyone. Choti informs them that she will go give puppy pal milk. Anupama nods in agreement. Ankush claims that there is God in animals and birds, and that caring for and feeding them is equivalent to worshiping God. Anupama prays to God that everyone will wake up. Adhik informs him that Pakhi has stated that she would not return. Barkha inquires, “What?” Vanraj, according to Anuj, will make her understand. Mr. Shah, according to Anupama, is spoiled himself, which he will make her understand.

My brother, according to Barkha, will not visit her. She claims that if Pakhi is expecting my brother to arrive, this will not happen. Anupama apologizes to Adhik and states that she is not furious with him, asking him to help her understand. Adhik claims that I am tired of her antics. He claims she yells and sobs when she loses her temper during an argument. He claims that only girls are victims and that he is now a victim. He claims she informed him unequivocally that I would come to her and that she would not come to me.

He asks her what he will do and tells her that he will handle the office work, fulfill her requests, and tolerate her tantrums, as well as our marriage. He claims that he is the only one attempting to save his marriage. He describes the first drama of being a mother and then the fresh start-up argument. He claims that her pointless shopping spree has not ended and that she is upset that my credit card limit is low, and she is upset that I am talking to Dimpy and that I am giving her a gift for Raksha Bandhan. Barkha claims that both Adhik and Pakhi have made mistakes, but Adhik has improved while Pakhi has not. Adhik declares that he will no longer compromise; if she requests a divorce, he will accept. Everyone is taken aback. Anupama believes this is the beginning of a problem.


Pakhi pours tea for Vanraj and takes a seat. Kinjal, just then. Toshu and Pari arrive. Pakhi rushes up to them and embraces them. Kavya also embraces Kinjal. They accept the blessings of the elders. Vanraj cradles Pari and whispers, “Dadu missed you so much, my Pari.” He questions why you arrived so abruptly. Kinjal reports that Daddy had a heart attack three days ago. Toshu claims it took us two days to arrive. Babu ji inquires as to why you did not notify us that we were present. Baa claims that you have become English without telling anyone.

Kavya inquires about his health. Kinjal claims that we first met him in the hospital before coming here. Baa inquires as to why Rakhi did not inform us. Toshu claims she was frightened and was performing all of the work by herself. As you were not present, Baa says, you have arrived for four days and will go. Kinjal embraces Baa. Dimpy predicts that Mummy will be overjoyed. Babu ji promises he’ll call her, but Vanraj cuts him off.


Anupama meets her mother Kanta and expresses her exhaustion. She tells her everything Vanraj stated. Kanta inquires as to why she wishes to intervene in the Shah household and care for them. She claims you have a heart connection with Hasmukh bhai and Leela, but she questions why you desire to help others. She claims your daughter is spoiled and misbehaves with you, and you want to keep her at home as well. She claims Vanraj is arrogant, yet you care about him. She claims you care about Kavya, who has destroyed your home, and that your ex-saas is very bright. She claims that if you fight for everyone, who will fight for you? She believes Pakhi and Toshu are both ineffective. Toshu is perplexed because she claims you have kept her at home.

She tells her to focus on Anuj and Choti and then tells her to sit in the back seat and start dreaming. Anupama wonders how she may get away from being a mother. Kanta claims they are no longer young children and no longer require your assistance. She requests that she help her husband and Choti. Anupama reports that Baa is ill. Kanta claims that everyone is brilliant there, and that they shift like the weather, praising you one day and making you guilty the next.


Anupama is Toshu’s mother, according to Babu ji. Vanraj says Kinjal and Toshu are welcome to meet her there, but she is unable to come here. Babu ji claims that criticizing his house Lakshmi is the correct thing to do. Vanraj is leaving. Kavya believes Vanraj has wronged Anupama.


Anupama claims she was never close to Pakhi or Toshu, but she was close to Samar, who abandoned her. Kanta claims to have gone through the same experience. She claims that even after Samar has departed, we are still living the life. Anupama receives a phone call.


Kinjal tries to feed Pari food. She requests that Toshu force her to eat. Toshu claims to be exhausted. Kinjal claims she arrived on the same airplane as Papa and is emotionally disturbed and exhausted as a result of his condition. She requests that he feed her food. Toshu asks for her phone and promises to eat. When Baa arrives, he notices Kinjal handing the phone to Pari. She claims Pari will not eat box food and wonders why they are upset that they don’t have time for their baby after running out of money.


Anupama informs Anuj that Kinjal, Toshu, and Pari are on their way to meet her, which is why she has prepared gifts for them. Anuj claims to have brought a lot of items. Malti Devi and Choti observe. Malti Devi irritates Choti by claiming Pari is her son’s daughter. She requests that she inquire as to what she brought for her. Choti shows up. Anupama says you’ve been missing Pari, and she’ll be there right away. Choti inquires as to what you brought for me, noting that you had forgotten about me. Anupama observes.


Anupama informs Anuj that she will be attending Pari’s birthday party at the Shah residence. So, Anuj says, you’ll go. Anupama claims that blood relations do not stop and that her relationship with her children would not be broken. Choti observes.