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After 13 days.

Anupama examines the flute and peacock feather. She scans the toy box and the slate. She believes he scribbled my name when he first started to write. When she wipes the slate after her tears have fallen, Maa is removed from Anupama’s name. Samar appears and inquires as to why the maa was dropped from your name. Anupama claims that she is a bad mother and was unable to shield her son from danger. Samar compliments you on being a good mother and queries your error in believing that God has predetermined my stay to be thus long. He claims that when he witnesses their tears, he is hurt. Anupama apologizes, expresses guilt for not returning his call after discovering the black thread, and sobs. Samar speculates that perhaps I wouldn’t have come if you had called. He asserts that perhaps something occurs. He claims it was an accident and that neither you nor Anuj Buddy are to blame. He claims he doesn’t want my baby to be born in this setting and that he doesn’t want his death to end their lives. She must promise him she will recover from the trauma of his death and bring others with her.


He claims that when death doesn’t stop for anyone, we should quit living. She is urged to lead a happy life by him. Song “Meri Maa” is playing.In order to get her to smile, he forces Anupama to write “Maa” on the slate. Anupama grinning. Samar hands back the slate. Anupama is proud to see her name written there. She swears that going forward, she won’t allow him get injured and that she’ll always remember him with a smile on her face. She beams.


Everyone in the hallway is seated. Anupama arrives vivaciously and treats Kavya to turmeric milk, Kinjal and Toshu to coffee, Babu Ji to a sugar-free cream roll and tea, Vanraj to tea, and Baa to kada for her sore throat. Why are you staring at me, she queries. Your discomfort is severe, according to Baa. I’ve promised my Samar, according to Anupama, that I won’t cry when I think of him. She claims that he appeared in my dream and warned me not to cry for fear of upsetting him. She claims that I won’t cry because I want to see him happy. She claims that while we will always miss him and carry his memories with us, we will never again feel anguish since it will carry his spirit along with it. She says we will free him from happiness and pain and that salvation is freedom from all relationships. She asserts that if the soul does indeed reincarnate, Samar will go to a good place and inherit this family’s traditions and customs. She advises that even if it’s difficult, we should attempt to smile. She commands them to grinned. For Samar, everyone grinned a little. We will wipe away our tears, Vanraj promises, but what about Dimpy? Anupama claims that if we all strive, we can help her recover from her tragedy. According to Kavya, it looks like she will never get over her tragedy. Anupama promises to help her recover from her trauma.


Without reading the documents, Anuj is signing them. Ankush urges Anuj to concentrate on his work and remarks that it has been 13 days since any work has been completed. He explains that even if someone passes away, life continues. Anuj requests a new time for the meeting and confirms his attendance. Ankush queries when Anupama will return home.Anupama turns her face away from him and Anuj instructs her on what to do. He claims that she doesn’t return his calls and that if she has left me, I will be unable to survive without her. Anupama is seen as she stands on the door.


Pari is sobbing, and Toshu is attempting to get her to stop. Kinjal reportedly went to the office despite Baa’s request that she not. Toshu claims that Kinjal hasn’t worked in 13 days. Pari is taken in Dimpy’s hands when she arrives there. Pari smiles and becomes quiet. She is led to her room by Dimpy. According to Vanraj, if we remain joyful, then perhaps life will offer us an occasion to grin.


Anupama is asked by Anuj if she has arrived and if she plans to stay put. There, Choti Anu shows up. You have a school project due and dance class as well, according to Anupama. She follows her in and enters. Anuj is in awe. He informs Ankush that Anupama failed to inform him whether or not she had returned for Anu’s project. He is asked to allow Ankush some time. Anuj requests that they contact her on his behalf. We can’t force her, according to Ankush. He is urged to give Barkha some time and space.


Sonu’s father visits the Shah home and declares that you will repent. Vanraj and Anupama object to Sonu receiving punishment. I’m with you, according to Anuj. She doesn’t require his help, according to Anupama. An car driver tells Kavya that if she doesn’t convince Vanraj to drop the charges against Sonu, she will also adore her unborn child. She exits the car and cries, “My baby!”