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Titu swears on Bappa and informs Anupama that he and Dimpy are merely close friends. Alright, says Anupama. She says that loneliness is a necessary emotion for certain people at times and expresses her desire to spend some time alone. He queries Dimpy. Anupama promises to always be at her side and claims that if it weren’t for this inappropriate location, I would have responded to Mr. Shah appropriately. No one, she claims, can keep me away from my kids, Dimpy, and my Baa and Babu ji. She threatens to stop Mr. Shah from keeping Dimpy imprisoned at the home. As Titu turns to go, she starts to cry as she recalls what Vanraj and Pakhi said.

He goes live and asks the audience if the lady and the guy couldn’t be friends. He also questions why they must provide evidence of their purity acknowledges that friendships can occasionally turn into romantic relationships and asserts that friendships are based on a matching of vibes and energies rather than skin tone or physical attractiveness. Moreover, he promises to join them live the following time and urges them to convey this to everyone.

When Anuj visits Choti, he tells her that fairies in the fantasy fairy kingdom must be waiting for her. Choti claims that I messed up and harmed my mother as well as my best friend. She claims to have overheard Anupama and Devika conversing, and she learned that Devika had previously rescued Anupama from bullying at school. I didn’t stand by my best friend, she claims. I’ll be sorry to Riya and Mummy. All Anupama can accomplish this, according to Anuj. He says, “I apologized to your mother when I made a mistake.” She begs for his assistance. What do you want to do, he asks.


Vanraj returns home. Where did you go, Baa asks. Baa and Babu ji are asked to sit by Vanraj. He lifts and tugs the chair, keeping it in the middle. I want to talk to you about something important, he continues, adding that you might be horrified to hear it or not like it, but you still have to listen. What is it, asks Babu ji? Vanraj states that no member of the Shah family should get in touch with Anupama for work or assistance. Everyone watches in shock.


Anupama returns home. Choti apologizes poetically and calls her Mummy. She is hugged by Anupama. So what are you saying, Baa asks? Only on holidays or on her birthday, according to Vanraj, but not always. Everything will end right here, he adds. You are keeping your daughter at home, therefore I can’t call for assistance, says Babu ji. Anupama, according to Baa, assists them with everything. Babu ji claims that Anupama is the only person who can aid them when they need it. Anupama believes that without her, neither that house nor this house could function, according to Vanraj. He asks why she is intervening in her home when I am not doing so. Anupama has done so lot for this house, according to Babu ji.

Vanraj claims that she has accomplished a lot, but I believe that she is upsetting a lot of people in this house. Choti displays the card to Anupama and promises to help Riya going forward, refusing to stand by her friends who mistreat her. Hugging her, Anupama advises children to follow their parents’ advice to avoid making mistakes. She wonders if Anuj’s parents sent him back to the orphanage, saying, “You are our daughter, why are we sending you back to the orphanage?” You are our life, she says. Dear Choti, I love you. Says Anupama, “I love you more.” Barkha and Malti Devi notice them. Anupama has won, says Barkha. She is asked to prepare for seeing her loss by Malti Devi. Choti is asked to sip hot chocolate milk by Anuj.

Vanraj reveals that Anupama believes she is correct and has brainwashed all of the housegirls—Kavya, Kinjal, and Dimpy—in the name of women’s emancipation. Kavya asserts that Anupama has never misguided anyone, offered counsel, or assisted without realizing that doing so had harmed her. She claims that she has always stood by us and that Anupama is the only one who assists us when we need it.

Even though Dimpy claims I’ve done wrong by Mummy, she still supports me. Vanraj replies, “I’m not asking you to worship her or shatter her idol; I’m just asking you to stop pleading with her for assistance.” Okay, Baa says, let Anupama take care of her house; you take care of us. He gives her thanks. It is ideal for two families to stay apart, according to Baa, who expresses her desire to keep Anupama out of danger. Vanraj asks if we would have influenced Dimpy if she had been present.

Dimpy has wings, according to Baa. She is asked to remain silent by Dimpy. Kavya claims that Anupama took great care of her when she brought her home. Anupama gave Baa her wings, she claims. Kavya replies, “Cage, what have you given her?” Baa states that Anupama should take care of her house, and Vanraj should take care of hers. Kavya advises you should call her first if there are any issues.

Mummy is not here, according to Pakhi, but she caused the fight to occur here. I am not against Anupama, says Baa. Pakhi is asked to be quiet by Kavya. When you call Mommy, Dimpy says she won’t come here. Dimpy and Pakhi quarrel. Dimpy requests that Pakhi continue onward. Vanraj yells loudly enough that no one should speak to Anupama going forward. Kavya promises to follow through, saying she would meet and talk to her. Vanraj opens the door for her. I’m going to move as soon as I find a house, Kavya says.


From there, she goes. Afterwards, Anuj, Anupama, and Choti enjoy themselves. She’s forced to drink chocolate milk and candy by Anuj and Anupama. Later that night, Babu ji sobs. Kavya approaches him. Babu ji claims to have a memory loss condition, so how is it possible for Vanraj and the others to overlook Anupama’s actions? He wants her to go, saying this place has turned into hell. He claims he is powerless and that he is unable to support Anupama, Dimpy, and her. You are our pillar of strength, Kavya says, Babu ji. Babu Ji leaves after crying.


When Anuj finds out that Vanraj asked Anupama to avoid the house, he is taken aback. He thinks it’s okay that you have a connection to the house. I asked you not to go, he says, he asks her to love and respect them from a distance, saying, “I can’t see your insult anymore.” He says, “Enough already, go take a break.”



Baa is informed by Kinjal that if they don’t phone Mummy on Pari’s birthday, the cake won’t be sliced. Anupama is asked not to go by Anuj. According to Anupama, blood ties are strong enough to withstand Mr. Shah’s remarks.