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Welcome to Bade Ache Lagte Hain 2, Here you will get updated with latest episodes and news. This Story is about Ram Kapoor and Priya Sood. Ram Kapoor is successful businessman while Priya Sood is simple and decent lady.. Both love their family and can do anything for their family. This is the Speciality that makes both Similar to each other. Ram shows everything Priya dislikes about rich people.

Ram is a successful and wealthy businessman who remains in love with Vedika, despite the fact that she even does not care about his feelings. Priya was also in love and got cheated by him. Now Priya thought that every man is fake in this world. and Now It is impossible for her to fall in love again. Both are in same situation but Ram is happy being in love with vedika.

The first season was great hit, and based on the first episode, this Season is also looking to be great.

We hope you all will enjoy this season full of love and happiness